When you absolutely MUST find the fairway and can’t afford to give up tons of distance, try this…

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The 3-wood could be – and should be – your long-range go-to club.

Off the tee. And off the turf.

  • When you absolutely MUST find the fairway, but can’t afford to give up tons of distance.
  • On par-5 second shots where getting close to the green (or on it) means a better chance of making birdie.
  • On those mammoth par 3s and par 4s that demand every yard you can muster to reach safely.

If you’re like most amateurs, you only pull the 3-wood as a last resort because experience has taught you that 3-woods are:

  • Difficult to get airborne from the fairway or rough…
  • Hard to control, especially if you tend to slice…
  • Easy to miss-hit, costing you distance and accuracy, and…
  • Too unpredictable to rely on when you face a really tight tee shot.

To become your long-range go-to club, the 3-wood would have to deliver. It would have to:

  • Launch the ball with height and distance to spare
  • Handle a wide variety of lies
  • And be easy to get airborne off the deck

And it would help a whole lot if your 3-wood could fight a slice and promote a hot-running draw. A club like that would be hard to ignore, wouldn’t it? If anything, this 3-wood might just overshadow its flashy siblings and become the star of your bag. (Making you the star of your foursome.)

Basically just scaled down drivers – And that’s a problem

It’s too bad the big equipment companies don’t offer a 3-wood like the one described above. Oh, they make 3-woods, alright. But those are basically just scaled-down versions of their headlining drivers. And that’s a problem.

We’ll explain why in just a moment, but first, we want to unveil the new club that’s poised to play a leading role in your future rounds. One that will change the way you look at the 3-wood.

  • A club you’ll hit not because it’s the safe play, but because you know you’ll drill it deep down the center?
  • A club you’ll confidently pull for tough fairway shots that scare other golfers out of their wits?
  • A club that delivers distance, height and precision like no other fairway wood you’ve played?

You are? Good. Because that club is finally here.

The X59 Smart Draw 3-Wood

Let’s explore what makes the X59 Smart Draw 3-Wood such a lethal weapon. Designed by award-winning club craftsman Josh Boggs and a team of industry veterans, the X59 3-Wood features:

  • A classically shaped clubhead made from top-shelf stainless steel for ultra-hot contact and lightning-fast ball speed
  • A proprietary, light-weight, mid-kickpoint shaft (available in four flexes) for a high launch and lengthy down-range carry
  • Heel-biased weighting to help you turn over the toe through impact – a major slice-fighting advantage
  • A low-profile clubface that’s shallower than other fairway woods; the X59 sets up beautifully behind the ball and launches it high, even from tight lies
  • Draw guide clubhead graphics, which visually prompt you to swing on an inside-to-outside path (instead of the outside-in track that causes a slice)

Engineered to over-deliver for the everyday golfer. Designed by a “Hot List” team.

That’s the cool stuff. The stuff that creates buzz and moves needles. But the X59 Smart Draw 3-Wood boasts subtle features, too, that give it next-level playability.

Such as:

  • A total length of 42.5” – shorter than a standard 3-wood. This helps you consistently find the sweet spot, maxing out your distance and height.
  • 17° loft – about 2° more than average. Combined with the trimmed-down length, the extra loft makes the X59 unbelievably easy to control. Toss in the low-profile clubface and you’ll have no trouble getting the ball up from less-than-perfect fairway lies or gnarly rough.

We’ll stop right there, because we know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking a shorter shaft and more loft equal less distance. While that may be true for a high-level player with a finely tuned, perfectly timed swing, this combo can actually mean more distance for a recreational golfer like you.

It’s quite simple, really: The shorter the shaft, the more control you have over the clubhead. More control equals better contact. And better contact equals more distance.

More loft, as you know, generates higher shots. Now, that may not mean much with a short iron, but with a 3-wood – which gets very little hang-time, if you’re hitting a standard model – it adds precious carry yards.

The yards you need to crest a ridge… fly a bunker… or sneak one past your buddy’s driver.

Sounds great, right? But it does beg an obvious question.

If less length and more loft are better for Joe Golfer, why don’t the big equipment brands build their clubs that way? For that answer we turned to lead designer Josh Boggs.

Having worked for one of golf’s best-known manufacturers, Josh has built clubs for some very, VERY highly ranked pros. Some of his creations have made Golf Digest’s “Hot List,” the Holy Grail for any clubmaker.

Josh gave us two main reasons why mass-market drivers don’t always work for the masses.

  1. “Big Equipment” builds clubs to meet their staff pros’ demands, which are not compatible with an amateur’s swing; and…
  2. When they tout distance, they’re talking about maximum yardage, not average yardage.

That’s how they approach the driver. And it’s no different for fairway woods. Which is why we’re comfortable predicting that your average shot with the X59 3-Wood will match or beat your average with a conventional model. And it will definitely be straighter.

Finally, hit high, long and straight from off the deck.

Yes, the X59’s dimensions are part of the reason. But there’s more to this 3-wood than its trend-bucking specs. Earlier, we mentioned the X59’s heel-biased weighting and draw guide graphics – two features that will limit (if not eliminate) your slice while promoting a glorious draw that hits the ground hot.

Let’s briefly examine:

  • Heel-biased weighting is exactly what it sounds like – a small amount of extra weight in the X59’s heel section. While you won’t feel a difference when setting up or swinging, you’ll see a difference in your shot shape.

    More weight in the heel makes it easier to turn the club over, or release the toe, through impact. The result is a clubface that’s square or slightly closed to your swing path – which is death to a slice.
  • Draw guide graphics are a series of angled lines bracketing the top of the X59’s clubhead, serving as a visual cue as you address the ball. The signal is subtle but clear, guiding you to swing on an inside-to-out path.

    While this feature won’t instantly correct an over-the-top move, it will put a dent in your slice... And maybe hammer the final nail in its coffin.

OK, we just threw a ton of features and benefits and techno-talk your way. This handy chart sums it all up pretty nicely:

The Problem The X59 Solution
Slicing More loft, extra weight in the heel and a shorter shaft make it easier to turn over the clubhead and square the face (instead of leaving it open) at impact. And the draw guide graphics signal you to swing inside-to-out.
Lack of Distance When you square the clubface, you reduce yardage-robbing curvature. Plus, you’re much more likely to make the solid contact needed for maximum distance.
Poor Accuracy Shorter shaft + more loft = straighter shots. Simple as that.
Inconsistency All the features above make this club easier to hit than other 3-woods. A few shots with the X59 and your confidence will soar… and as every golfer knows, confidence breeds consistency.

What more could you want? … We can think of one thing.

A chance to hit it before you buy it.

Unfortunately that’s not something we simply can offer as a direct-to-consumer manufacturer that sells online instead of in stores. But there are two important reasons why that’s a good thing for you.

The first: Price. Stocking a club in retail shops costs money in excess inventory – and that’s money we chose to spend on design and materials instead. Instead of selling our products wholesale to retailers that mark it up to sell to you, we cut out the middle man and sell directly for less. Our factory-direct pricing means you can now buy a premium fairway wood for a lot less than the big guys charge. (Stay tuned for details.)

The second: An unmatched money-back guarantee.

A 60-Day, Money-Back, Hit-It-To-Your-Heart’s-Content, Return-It-For-Any-Reason Guarantee

If you’ve ever bought a club sold by a mass-market company, you know the drill. You can get a full refund… as long as you don’t use it for a single shot.

That’s a raw deal.

We want you to be cloud-nine elated with your new X59 Smart Draw Driver. And we have no doubt you will be.

But just in case, we’re giving you every opportunity, for a full two months, to tee it up on the course and range as often as you want. Heck, hit it off the deck if you’re feeling frisky.

If the X59 Driver doesn’t do everything we claim it will – boost your distance, hone your accuracy, bolster your consistency and lower your scores – send it back and we’ll refund the full purchase price (minus shipping & handling).

As a matter of fact, we’ll give your money back if the X59 disappoints you in any way, shape or form.

Based on its remarkable test results, I’d be shocked if that happens.

So would the golfer formerly known as “Banana Ball Bill.”

At day’s end, I asked Bill what he’d tell anyone looking for the same incredible gains he enjoyed with the X59.

His jubilant reply: “I'd say go get this driver.”

You heard the man…

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Which Shaft Flex Do I Need?

You can use either your average clubhead speed or average driving distance to decide which flex is right for you.

Average Clubhead Speed Average Driving Distance
Stiff 90 MPH 250+ yards
Regular 80-90 MPH 200 - 240 yards
Senior 70-80 MPH 175 - 200 yards
Senior Plus < 70 MPH < 175 yards

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