Driver Blowout Sale:
We Made a Mistake, You Reap the Rewards…

About 6 months ago we created brand-new, premium, titanium-faced driver that blew us away.
The driver we created is fantastic. The name we thought of was not.

We created the X59 with a draw bias and aptly (or so we thought) named it the “X59 Draw Driver.” The X59 is designed to help you hit a draw more often, and after some initial testing, we got this feedback:

“We love this club; we’re hitting longer and straighter more consistently, but ‘Draw’ Driver is a misleading name.”

It makes sense; it’s impossible to guarantee you’ll draw the ball every single time when there are too many factors at play, no matter how good the club is.

Well unfortunately (though fortunately for you, as you’ll see in a minute), we had already ordered a couple thousand X59 Drivers with the word “Draw” written on them.


So here’s the deal… we’re taking the feedback to heart and ordering new, re-named X59 drivers. Now we just need to make room for them.

And here’s where it gets good for you.

Why should you care? …
Here’s why it’s fantastic news for you.

First things, first: We chose the wrong name, but we absolutely nailed the technology and the design. You can watch the video and read the page below which explain it all in more detail.

We got comments from our test golfers like, “… I’m picking up 40 yards. I’ll be competitive with my buddies again.” – and – “… definitely an easier driver for a mid-handicap like me.”

We’re excited about this club and think you will be too, so right now we’re offering our batch with “Draw” written on them at an extreme discount to…

  1. Clear out those drivers to make room for the newly-named ones
  2. (Hopefully) Make it hard for you to pass on trying an X59

The X59 is a premium, titanium-faced driver and will retail for upwards of $400 - $500. Today, however, you can take home one of the “first batch” X59s for only $199.

And don’t forget, the only difference between the “new” batch of X59s and the ones we’re clearing out at this incredible price is the word “Draw” written on the clubhead.

There is nothing different about the technology, material or design between the first batch of X59s and the second batch with a new name.

That means you get to try a high-end driver at a ridiculously low price. And, even better, your decision to try one is covered by a 60-day, money-back guarantee. All the guarantee details are below, so we won’t spend any time on them here, because....

There’s just one more important thing you need to know…

This incredible deal won’t last long. We’re only offering it until we sell through the drivers with “draw” written on them, and at such a low price for such a high-end driver, that’s going to happen fast.

So if you want to get in on this “never-to-be-seen-again” discount, we strongly suggest you take us up on the offer today.

Once they sell out, we’ll have the new X59s (same club, different name), and we won’t be able offer them at such a low price. The newly-named X59s will sell for upwards of $400 - $500 (and they’ll be worth every penny).

So try an X59 Driver today and save big. If you don’t love it, you can send it back for a refund. If you do love it and keep it, you’ll get a premium, titanium-faced driver for less than two hundred bucks. That’s a steal!

If Your Typical Drive is Less than 240 Yards, This Brand New Driver Is Guaranteed to Help You Find More Fairways with Remarkable Consistency and Can Add as Many as 15.7 Extra Yards to Boot”

Award-winning design and engineering team utilized a uniquely-designed, premium titanium clubface and precisely-matched graphite shaft to deliver superior results to the amateur golfer. (See test results below…)

Factory-direct, no-retail pricing means you receive top-tier, no-compromise quality and performance at a price you can’t believe – backed by an industry-best money-back guarantee you just won’t find in stores.

Close X

We’re confident once you see what this new driver can do for the consistency and accuracy of your tee shots, you’re going to want to try one for yourself. So, we’ll make it easier than ever to do that today.

But first, an important heads up…

This is NOT your typical driver.

If you consistently bomb 275- or 300-yard tee shots straight down the fairway without a slice or a hook in sight, you can stop reading right now because this driver is not for you. Buy any ol’ name-brand driver that you see used on tour and call it a day.

Speaking of which… you will NEVER see this club in the hands of your favorite touring pro or at your local sporting goods store.

Frankly, that’s exactly how we want it… and it’s good news for you.

(You’ll find out why shortly.)

It’s true that members of our design and engineering team have worked at some of the biggest equipment manufacturers in golf. They’ve designed clubs you’ve seen played by the best-known names on tour, and they’ve developed several of the most recognizable golf innovations in recent years…

It’s also true that we went through the same painstaking design process and applied the same attention to detail as the big equipment brands do. And just like them, we cut no corners when selecting materials or testing the product.

But when we sat down to create the driver I’m about to show you, we had a very different outcome in mind.

“Why the HECK would you build yet ANOTHER driver?”

There are dozens of drivers on the market, and it seems like every year, at least one or two companies come out with their latest and greatest innovation packed full of technology to help you hit it a mile.

You might even hear well-known tour pros raving about the wonders these new drivers have done for their swings.

(Their swings are not your swing. This is important, and it’s a huge reason why you struggle so much with your driver. Keep this in mind; it’s key, and we’ll get back to it in a minute.)

For amateur golfers, these very same new drivers are often the most frustrating, maddeningly inconsistent clubs in the bag.

Sound familiar? And do you really care if a club launches the ball a country mile if it ends up in the trees more often than the fairway?

We didn’t think so.

That’s why we set out to create a premium driver that gives you absolute confidence you’ll consistently hit long, accurate tee shots…

… a driver that measurably and consistently travels 10, 20 or even 30 yards farther than your existing driver (and straight, too)…

… and a driver that reduces the wild inconsistencies off the tee that inflate your scores on an all-too-regular basis.

This driver had to save strokes AND make your rounds more fun.

Spoiler alert: We succeeded, and along the way, we made exciting discoveries that will help you stop missing right all the dang time. Plus, we “engineered in” the optimal shot shape for amateurs who want maximum distance. We also established what “no compromise” really means when it comes to performance clubs for real golfers.

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself. How about an introduction: I’m 5-time World Long Drive champion Bobby Wilson. And man, have I got exciting news for you.

It all started with a challenge.

A daunting one, at that.

It came from an observation by some friends of mine in the equipment business.

Having seen so many technological “breakthroughs” and “best EVER” clubs hyped to high heaven, they got to wondering:

If drivers are improving so much every year, why do amateurs struggle with the same things they did decades ago?

The challenge, of course, wasn’t just to answer the question.

But to do something about it.

“If we figure out why today’s drivers aren’t working for everyday golfers, we can actually build one that does.”

No biggie, right?

All they had to do was build a driver that makes the average amateur a lot more consistent

Significantly straighter, and…

…Anywhere from 10 to 30 yards longer off the tee.

Oh, and for good measure, this driver would have to slay (or at least severely wound) the invincible slice.

Could it really be done?

Conventional wisdom said, “Fat chance.” History chuckled in agreement.

But my pals pressed on anyway, determined to get the last laugh. What can I say – they’re not easily deterred.

They don’t do things half-assed, either.

So they decided that IF they were going to pursue this game-changing driver – a unicorn if ever there was one – they’d hire a design chief with stellar credentials

…Craft the clubhead from primo materials like top-shelf titanium

…Fit it with a proprietary shaft made to match the clubhead’s every nuance, and…

…Verify its benefits through extensive testing with regular golfers.

In short, their driver would equal or exceed its brand-name competitors for grip-to-sole quality.

And beat them hands-down for overall performance.

Or it wouldn’t see the light of day.

Did I mention this was a daunting task? A lesser crew couldn’t possibly have pulled it off.

My buddies, though, were not to be denied.

And after seven grueling months of trial and error, roadblocks, pitfalls and setbacks, they put down their clubmaking tools and declared the project complete.

Now, it’s my pleasure to introduce the finished product. Speaking from experience, I assure you this is not just another “innovative” driver. It’s an entirely new kind of driver:

Engineered to over-deliver for the everyday golfer. Designed by a “Hot List” team.

Finally, a club with the right technology for YOU, the amateur golfer… A club designed to help you – no matter your swing flaws – achieve the consistent accuracy and distance you’ve always craved.

In a few minutes, I’ll tell you exactly what makes the X59 Smart Draw Driver unlike anything you’ve ever played. I think you’ll find yourself nodding and thinking, “Yeah, that makes perfect sense.”

Now, you might be wondering what a long drive champ knows about the Average Joe’s swing. And I’ll admit, my game is probably a bit different from yours… unless you routinely bash 350-yard bombs and hit your pitching wedge 170.

But I’ve played in enough scrambles and taught enough clinics to know what amateur golfers lack – and what they need.

Over the course of two gorgeous spring days in Arizona, I saw the X59 Driver deliver it in spades.

A total of 14 players tested the club, and I’ve got reams of data confirming its superior performance. For now, here’s a little nugget to whet your appetite:

13 of 14 Amateur Golfers Gained Distance with the X59 Over Their Own Drivers, with an Average Increase of 15.7 yards.

Incredible – and just the tip of the iceberg.

Numbers can wait, though. These comments from ecstatic testers speak loudest:

Real Golfers Wowed by the X59 Smart Draw Driver

First time I hit the X59, I could just feel the difference from that and to the driver that I was hitting earlier. I also was able to get 50 extra yards, almost 60 extra yards from what I was hitting earlier. I was just thrilled. Plus the fact that it went straight, or straighter than I've ever been able to hit it. This thing really corrected a lot of my sins.”
Bill Patterson, 20 handicap
The X59 Driver to me was quite impressive. I was picking up over 30 yards plus over my previous driver. Compared to any other driver I've hit in just recent years, with all the new technology that's out there, this is definitely an easier driver for a guy who's a mid-handicap to get ahold of and actually put some yards back in my bag. It just sounded perfect, like a solid-built driver should.”
Doug Applegate, 12 handicap
With the X59 Smart Draw Driver, I hit the ball consistently 20 to 30 yards beyond what I used to and it was basically a draw or straight, no pushes, no slices. I've spent a lot of time at the stores, getting fittings, and never found a driver that performed like this one. Excellent quality. For me the X59 driver means a lot of happy hours on the golf course. I think the X59 is the best driver that any amateur could buy.”
Bob Miserendino, 14.5 handicap
I've never hit a driver like the X59 before and I work at a golf course, so I try new clubs when they come out. I've hit all the major new drivers and this one has performed the best for me. I’d say it was like turning back the clock.”
Len Mrowczynski, 22 handicap
I'm a golf junkie. I’ve bought a lot of clubs off the internet and really got nothing out of them. So I'm really surprised that this particular club, I could go out and actually pick up an average of 40 yards. And once I got used to the fact that the ball was probably gonna go straight, I started swinging more loosely and picked up a lot of extra yards. I can't wait to get it on the course, because 30 or 40 yards will make me competitive with my buddies again.
Mark Andrews, 15.5 handicap

They were thrilled alright, as were their cohorts. We’ll hear from them in a moment.
Something else is tugging at me, though, and I think I know what it is:
You like what you’ve heard so far, but you’re wondering…

Could an independent design team really build a better driver than the big boys? Seriously?

“With the X59, I hit 21 to 35 yards farther than my previous driver.” Joe Gadzic, HDCP 8

First, let me make something clear.

I didn’t say the X59 was better than the $500 dream machines found in every golf shop.

I said it was better for YOU.

It may sound like a small distinction. But it makes a world of difference.

Because there’s a world of difference between the golfers these drivers are designed for.

In one corner are the major equipment manufacturers. As you’ve probably noticed, their brands are driven by high-profile pros – the guys who spend Sundays competing for giant cardboard checks.

Naturally, those players have lots of input during the design process. And what do they want from a driver?

Not distance help, that’s for sure. With an average clubhead speed of 113 MPH, generating power isn’t an issue. Neither is consistency. Instead, pros want drivers that produce a penetrating trajectory and let them work the ball in both directions.

And believe me: What the pros want, the pros get.

Unfortunately, what’s good for a pro is rarely good for an amateur.

Now here’s the ironic part:

The engineer who spearheaded the X59 project formerly worked for one of golf’s best-known manufacturers, where he built clubs for some very – and I mean VERY – highly ranked pros. Some of his creations found their way onto Golf Digest’s “Hot List,” the ultimate honor for any clubmaker.

His name is Josh Boggs. And from experience, he knew precisely…

Why mass-market drivers don’t always work for the masses.

In a nutshell:

  • Not enough loft (badly hurting carry distance if your swing speed is less than 100 MPH)
  • The shaft is too long (making it harder to strike the sweet spot and control shot direction)
  • The center of gravity is near the clubhead’s horizontal center (so it’s tough to turn over the toe and square the face at impact)

Put it all together and the Average Joe’s got virtually no chance to achieve the length and accuracy required to play great golf.

Enter the X59 Smart Draw Driver – designed for guys who spend Sundays battling their guts out for $3 Nassaus. Guys like you.

As you’ve already seen, the X59 provided a range of amateurs with an automatic distance boost. You’ve also read comments from testers who were thrilled and amazed by their newfound control.

Now, here’s what I learned from talking to the group:

While they loved the idea of longer, straighter drives…

Their primary goal was the same as yours – more friggin’ consistency.

I shouldn’t have been surprised.

Survey after survey ranks consistency No. 1 on the typical golfer’s wish list.

Which tells me you’re not getting it from your current driver.

Well, we aimed to change that with the X59 Smart Draw.

We did it by addressing two key moments:

The action before impact, and the action at impact.

In the “before” category, we loaded the X59 with features to help you line up on target, take it back on plane and control the club on its path to the ball.

These include:

  • An overall length of 44 inches. A full 1.5” – 2” shorter than the industry standard (which has crept up over the years), the X59 is easier to control and strike in the center… equating to longer, more accurate drives… and a heady jolt of confidence.
    By the way: A couple guys you may have heard of, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods, actually used drivers shorter than 44”. Didn’t seem to hold them back.
  • “Smart Turn” weighting, which places more weight in the heel to help you close the toe (and square the clubface) at impact. It’s the key to the X59’s slice-killing, draw-busting performance.
  • Draw-guide clubhead graphics, which visually prompt you to swing on an inside-to-outside path (instead of the outside-in track that causes a slice).
    It’s so simple: Just set up square and let the graphics be your guide… then let the clubhead work its magic.
    Oh, and for you southpaws: We offer a left-handed version of the X59, too.
  • A clear focal point in the center of the clubface. The “D” (as in “Draw”) focuses the eyes directly on the sweet spot. Strike the “D” and watch your drives soar.

Of course, it would all go to waste without the right stuff at impact.

That’s where you need a high launch with just the right amount of spin, a generous sweet spot, ample forgiveness when you do miss the center and some extra insurance against a slice.

You’ll get them all from these elements of the X59:

  • 12.5° You’re getting more loft than most conventional drivers offer. The extra loft not only generates a higher launch for added carry, it gives you another split-second to square the clubface for straighter shots. (I’ll explain which loft is right for which golfers a little later.)
  • A lightweight, mid-kick, “Draw Flex” graphite shaft (available in four flexes). Created exclusively for the X59, it pairs perfectly with the 460cc titanium clubhead to produce maximum speed, a high launch angle and ultra-low spin.
  • An expanded striking surface, increasing the area that’s “active” (flexing) when clubface meets ball.
  • More weight in the heel and back of the club for exceptional stability. The X59’s high MOI (moment of inertia) prevents miss-hits from costing you an arm and a leg.

Finally, I’d be remiss not to mention the X59’s:

Superior materials and craftsmanship. We didn’t skimp on quality. No way, no how. Golfers who tested the club raved about its smooth action, solid feel and sweet sound.

“Thrilled with this driver. 50 extra yards and straighter than I’ve ever been able to hit it.” Bill Patterson, HDCP 20

Yes, indeed – the X59 Smart Draw Driver is a truly impressive blend of art and science.

But technical details can only tell you so much.

Real-world results paint an even brighter picture.

And as I mentioned earlier, we’ve got data from here to the shores of Scotland.

Even better than the stats are the stories that go with them.

Bill Patterson’s just may have been my favorite.

“Banana Ball Bill,” his golf buddies call him. I’m sure you can guess how he got the nickname.

Yep, he suffers from a slice.

A rough-pelting, distance-killing, score-bloating slice.

He’s got lots of company, too.

It’s estimated that 70% – 85% of amateurs slice their shots. So it’s nothing to be ashamed of (but it’s BAD for your game).

Bill Patterson’s first few swings with the X59 were incredible. Click to see his stunned reaction.

Based on those figures, you’re probably in the same boat as Bill.

And probably just as desperate for a cure.

But I digress.

We pick up Bill’s journey on a splendid morning in Scottsdale.

The silver-haired 72-year-old was on the range swatting some big slices. Seriously, these things swerved right harder than a cabbie who missed his exit.

After a few more swings, we swapped Bill’s driver – the latest and greatest from a gigantic company – for a new one he’d never heard of. You already know it as the X59.

I briefly explained what made this driver different. Mainly, that it was designed to help regular golfers hit it longer off the tee, suppress a slice and, quite possibly, hit a draw.

Bill didn’t say much during my little spiel. But I could tell he was skeptical.

For about 10 seconds.

That’s how long it took him to set up, swing and unleash a shot that flew nearly 38 yards past his best effort with his own driver.


Bill knew something was different the instant his ball took flight.

“HOLY COW!” he exclaimed.

And he wasn’t done.

Not even close.

By session’s end, Bill had improved his average drive by a ridiculous 40 yards. His best ball with the X59 blew away his longest with his own driver by – I kid you not – 68 yards.

Oh, by the way… He’d also straightened out his slice, mixed in a few baby draws and lost one unfortunate nickname. (“Billy the Bomber” has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?)

All thanks to the X59.

Our testers’ handicaps ranged from 6.3 to 22, with an average of 15.3. (Bill’s a 20, by the way, though I suspect that may have dropped since we met.)

The program was simple and straightforward.

Each golfer hit several shots with his own driver, then switched to the X59 Smart Draw.

While we took note of their immediate gut-level reactions, it’s true that sight, sound and feel can be deceiving.

So we kept score.

TrackMan guru and former PGA Tour pro Rob Rashell collected copious data, including clubhead speed, swing path, launch angle, spin rate, “smash factor” and, most importantly, distance and direction.

Maybe the X59 would improve these golfers tee shots, maybe it wouldn’t. Either way, the results would offer definitive proof.

As Rashell said of his TrackMan unit:

“The orange box never lies.”

It’s a good thing, too.

Otherwise, I’m not sure these fellas would have believed their own senses.

The X59’s performance was just that stunning.

X59 testers gained an average of 15.7 yards as verified by Trackman. The orange box never lies.

“Banana Ball Bill” had his “Holy cow!” moment. For Ken Brade it was “Holy smokes!”

I can’t forget Jack Farley, a jovial chap who declared the X59 Driver his “new BFF” (as in “Best Friend Forever”).

Or gentleman Jim Jackson, who admired one of his X59 drives for so long he was accused of posing.

A major highlight came when Bill Gibson, a strapping 20-handicapper, followed through after his third swing with the X59 and witnessed, in his words, “something I’ve never really looked up and seen before.”

A draw.

More specifically… A glorious, left-arcing, 243-yard BOMB.

Would you believe that blast was 27 yards longer than Bill’s average with his own driver… yet 20 yards short of his best with the X59?

Actually, it adds up when you consider this stat from robotic testing at San Diego’s Golf Laboratories:

A draw travels 31 yards farther than a fade hit with the same clubhead speed (~91 mph).

“30 or 40 extra yards with the X59 will make me competitive with my buddies again.” Mark Andrews, HDCP 15

Go ahead. Add 31 yards to your average drive and see what you get.

About three clubs less into every green, huh? Which would lead to more birdie putts… lower scores… abundant bragging rights… Basically, all the stuff of your golf dreams.

No wonder a draw is so coveted.

OK, back to those results. It really was an incredible day.

The kind of day where a 15-handicapper like Mark Andrews adds 33 yards to his driving average.

The kind of day where a terrific golfer, namely 6-handicap Steve “Stelee” Lee, picks up 12 yards and rates the X59 Driver “30% to 50% more consistent” than the club he’s been swinging.

The kind of day where Len Mrowczynski, a 22, proclaims the X59’s distance and accuracy are “gonna easily take 10 shots off my score.”

Hey, he said it, not me.

In fact, Len and his happy cohorts couldn’t stop gushing about the X59 Smart Draw Driver.

Let’s hear more from the happy gang:

“I can hardly wait to out-drive my buddies.”

I never really had any complaints (about my own driver) because I didn't know anything better… except I could never hit a draw with it, even though it was set for max draw. As soon as I hit the X59, it was like light-years difference. It went just straight as an arrow, and distance like I'd never seen before. I just did what I've been doing forever, and it made all the corrections for me.”
Jack Farley, 11 handicap
I've never hit a driver that goes where it's supposed to go just by letting the club do the work as the X59 does, and it was kind of shocking. I thought it was just my bad golf game – I didn't realize I had the potential to hit a ball like that. I'm thrilled. I think it's great. It doesn't sound like you're hitting it with a frying pan like some drivers, and I like the graphics.”
Bill Gibson, 20.1 handicap
When I was looking for my new driver about a year or two ago, I tried a lot of different clubs… and they were really spraying all over the place. And I have to admit when I came out here to use the X59, I thought I'd have a lot of problems with it, and I might be spraying it again to the right. But with this X59 I was hitting it pretty straight, or just a little bit of a draw to the left. And I got another 25, 30 yards. It's damn good.”
Mickey Kronley, 17 handicap
From my regular driver to what I was hitting with (the X59) was huge. I think I drove an extra 48 yards with my same swing. My ball flight was high, it had a nice little draw. After grabbing this driver, I'm gonna have to go get new glasses because I can't see the ball that far. So I'm ecstatic. I'm truly excited and I can hardly wait to out-drive my buddies in my next round.”
Ken Brade, 11.2 handicap
My biggest problem with my driver is I've been pulling it, I'm not getting the distance I'm looking for, and I definitely don't have a draw. I feel like I'm losing distance without being able to draw the ball. (The X59) allowed me to draw the ball. It was way cool to hit that ball farther than I have been hitting it. With this driver, over my previous driver, I was hitting it 21 to 35 yards farther. I can't wait to get it on the course.”
Joe Gadzic, 8.3 handicap

The golfers weren’t the only ones wowed by the X59’s performance. So was Rashell, who offered this assessment:

“This X59 Smart Draw Driver really does what it's made to do, which is help amateur golfers eliminate that slice, that left to right, the banana ball, the, ‘Man, I feel like I swing at 100 miles an hour and it just goes 50 yards.’ All those things got kind of squashed today.”


That’s a lot of info to absorb – and I’ve still got a ways to go. This seems like a good spot for a quick recap.

So far, you’ve learned that the X59 Smart Draw Driver:

  • Is built specifically to help everyday golfers improve accuracy and consistency while conquering a slice
  • Boasts numerous features that produce better contact, higher launch and more overall distance
  • Promotes an inside-out clubhead path, the common denominator among pros and low-handicappers
  • Matches or beats big-name drivers for construction quality, forgiveness and feel; and…
  • Helped our test golfers straighten their misses and gain huge yardage… the very first time they tried it

If you ask me, that’s a pretty compelling case.

What about you?

Are you ready to ditch that feeble fade? Catch up with (or blow past) your buddies off the tee? Approach greens with short irons instead of mid-irons and hybrids?

Darn right you are.

All that and more is at your fingertips. Just…

“Even shots hit toward the toe or heel felt much more flush and were much straighter.” Bob Plous, HDCP 15

I must say, I’m a little surprised you’re still here.

Surprised, but not at all disappointed. There’s so much more I want to share. I mean, we’ve barely scratched the surface of the X59 Driver’s convention-busting design.

First, let’s talk about the length – just 44” from top to bottom.

When you’re trying to help regular golfers gain distance, shortening the shaft may seem counterintuitive. After all, doesn’t a longer shaft generate longer shots?

Yes… if you’re Dustin Johnson. Otherwise, the extra length just makes it harder to square the clubface and hit the sweet spot. Which costs you distance.

How much? We’ll turn again to Golf Labs, which determined that a mere 1-inch miss equals a 10% loss of yardage.

Doesn’t sound like a big deal, until you do some math and realize that…

If you swing at 85 MPH, missing the driver’s sweet spot by just 1 inch costs you 21 yards.

Ouch. And the faster you swing, the more yards you lose.

So yeah, it’s important to nail the center. Which is much easier with a 44” shaft than with the 45.5” – 46” fishing rods found in conventional drivers.

Another key feature: The Smart Turn weighting system.

Extra weight in the heel not only helps you release the toe through impact, designer Joshua Boggs explains, “It gets the center of gravity closer to the shaft axis, and that really helps you get the clubface on plane and get it back to the ball to the center of the face over and over again.”

I’m also a huge fan of the X59 Driver’s unique, draw-guide graphics.

A series of angled lines bracket the top of the clubhead, serving as a visual cue as you address the ball. The signal is subtle but clear, guiding you to swing on an inside-to-out path.

While this feature won’t instantly correct an over-the-top move, it helped our test golfers in a big way.

Josh and Co. loaded all these amateur-friendly elements into one driver, then put it through trials with everyday golfers.

You’ve seen what it did for them. I’m confident it can do the same for you.

This handy chart sums up how:

The Problem The X59 Solution
Slicing More loft, extra weight in the heel and a shorter shaft make it easier to turn over the clubhead and square the face (instead of leaving it open) at impact. And the draw guide graphics signal you to swing inside-to-out.
Lack of Distance When you square the clubface, you reduce yardage-robbing curvature. Plus, you’re much more likely to make the solid contact needed for maximum distance.
Poor Accuracy Shorter shaft + more loft = straighter shots. Simple as that.
Inconsistency All the features above make this club easier to hit than other drivers. A few shots with the X59 and your confidence will soar… and as every golfer knows, confidence breeds consistency.

Hmmm… Seems pretty cut-and-dried to me.

Basically, it comes down to this:

If you want longer drives that don’t veer off-line en route to the target – and you want them hole after hole, round after round – then your next move is simple.

Still with me, are you?

Well, I’ll give you this: You take big decisions seriously. As well you should.

By this point, you must have questions about the X59 Smart Draw Driver. Hey, I had a few myself. The answers convinced me this club was the real deal. Hopefully, they’ll do the same for you.

X59 Smart Draw Driver Q&A

Q: Is the X59 available in stores?

Sorry, it’s not. But we believe that’s a good thing.

Why? Because stocking a club in retail shops costs money – money we chose to spend on design and materials instead. Oh, and you’ll like this, too: Our factory-direct pricing means you can now buy a premium driver for a good bit less than the big guys charge. (Stay tuned for details.)

If you’re hesitant to buy a club before trying it, we understand. That’s why we offer a 60-day, money-back guarantee that lets you hit the X59 all you want for two full months, and return it if it’s not your cup of tea. (More to come on this, too.)

Q: Instead of the X59, can’t I just buy an adjustable driver and set it to the draw position?

That was my first question, too. What I learned was enlightening.

For starters, the typical adjustable driver doesn’t offer enough loft for most golfers, even at the highest setting. Remember, that extra loft is critical for launch and carry at slower swing speeds.

Without getting too technical, there’s also the matter of construction.

Because the X59 features more weight in the heel than an adjustable driver, it’s more draw-biased (i.e., easier to turn over). In fact, adjustable clubs tend to be rigid in the heel, causing inconsistent results on strikes in that area.

And don’t forget the X59’s additional draw-friendly features, like the crown graphics angled to promote an inside-out path – which can actually improve your swing. You won’t find those on any big-name driver I know of.

Oh, I should also mention this: If you do buy an adjustable model, chances are you’ll never actually adjust it. Golf Datatech, a leading researcher, found that only 1 in 3 golfers ever change their settings.

To sum it up: While an adjustable driver is great as a “jack of all trades” kind of club, the X59 is designed exclusively for amateur and recreational golfers and with a specific purpose: To destroy a slice, making your drives longer and straighter.

Q: I have a pronounced left-to-right ball flight. Will the X59 actually turn my slice into a draw?

Honestly, it might not. But I can promise you this:

The X59 Smart Draw Driver will, at the very least, quiet your slice and improve your accuracy, distance and consistency. Which will make you a better golfer.

Q: OK, let’s say I’m able to hit a draw with the X59. Will it really change my game?

Dang right it will!

You’ve seen the stat from Golf Labs that shows a draw beats a fade by 31 yards. Now think of a hole where you normally hit a 7-iron approach… and swap your 7-iron for a wedge. I’d say your chances of hitting the green just got a whole lot better.

If that’s not enough, consider that compared to a fade, a draw:

Rolls farther after landing, upping your advantage on firm fairways, and…

Cuts through the wind for much greater distance and control on breezy days.

Don’t dismiss the ego factor, either. Nothing commands respect like pounding a monster draw.

Q: My swing speed is around 100 mph. Is there an X59 shaft option to fit me?

You bet. We offer your choice of four shaft flexes, including a stiff version for players in your category.

Below that are regular, senior and senior-plus flexes.

By the way, several of our test golfers swung in the 95 mph range, and they absolutely crushed the X59.

Q: Is the X59 Driver approved for play under USGA and R&A rules?

It sure is. You can use it for any round (including tournaments), anywhere.

Q: What if I have questions that haven't been answered?

Just call (888) 372-3020 between 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (central time), Monday through Friday, and our customer service team will be happy to help. You can even order over the phone.

Q: The X59 Smart Draw Driver sounds awesome. How much does it cost?

Ah yes, the old bottom line.

Well, my friend, you’re in luck. Because you got here while you can still take advantage of our…

Low-Price, Time-Limited Introductory Offer

I strongly suggest you jump on this deal pronto. I’ll lay it out for you as clearly as possible:

If you’re ready to gain 15, or 30, or who knows how many yards off the tee…

  • Find a lot more fairways…
  • Hit more wedges and short irons into greens…
  • Kill your frustrating, ego-deflating slice once and for all…
  • Achieve the kind of consistency you thought was out of reach…
  • Drop your scores as quickly as your next round…
  • Stop wasting time and money trying to fix your driving with lessons and practice…
  • Enjoy golf like you never have before, AND…
  • Spend considerably less than you would for an over-hyped, underperforming club that doesn’t fit your game…

Then here’s your chance to grab a driver crafted to the same quality standards and with the same top-tier materials the big boys use…

But purpose-built to optimize the amateur’s swing – your swing…

For the low, buy-it-now-or-regret-it-later price of just $199 – $200 off the regular price of $399 (and up to $350 less than a name-brand model).

Now please, for the sake of your game and your wallet, take note of the phrase “time-limited.”

Because once our initial stock of the X59 Smart Draw Driver is gone, the price goes up.

FYI: We don’t expect that to take long. At all.

Because it’s not every day a club comes along that can deliver better performance and the quality, sound and feel to match much more expensive drivers.

Let alone one that offers a wealth of unique, game-enhancing features. And proof of exceptional performance from a diverse group of amateurs. It’s even rarer to find a driver that promises complete satisfaction with…

A 60-Day, Money-Back, Hit-It-To-Your-Heart’s-Content, Return-It-For-Any-Reason Guarantee

If you’ve ever bought a club sold by a mass-market company, you know the drill. You can get a full refund… as long as you don’t use it for a single shot.

That’s a raw deal.

We want you to be cloud-nine elated with your new X59 Smart Draw Driver. And we have no doubt you will be.

But just in case, we’re giving you every opportunity, for a full two months, to tee it up on the course and range as often as you want. Heck, hit it off the deck if you’re feeling frisky.

If the X59 Driver doesn’t do everything we claim it will – boost your distance, hone your accuracy, bolster your consistency and lower your scores – send it back and we’ll refund the full purchase price (minus shipping & handling).

As a matter of fact, we’ll give your money back if the X59 disappoints you in any way, shape or form.

Based on its remarkable test results, I’d be shocked if that happens.

So would the golfer formerly known as “Banana Ball Bill.”

At day’s end, I asked Bill what he’d tell anyone looking for the same incredible gains he enjoyed with the X59.

His jubilant reply: “I'd say go get this driver.”

You heard the man…

Love It or Get Your Money Back

Order Now!

X59 Driver Blowout Sale

Yours today for just $199!

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Questions / Order By Phone

If you have any questions about the all-new X59 Draw Driver or if you would like to order by phone, please call 888-372-3020 between the hours of 9AM and 5PM CST and our friendly customer support team will be happy to help you.