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Swing Faster, Drive Farther in Just a Single Practice Session - How to Make a Measurable Increase in Your Clubhead Speed & Distance Without Losing Technique or Control

New training aid promotes a free yet fundamentally sound swing thanks to unique features like the SwingSpeedometer which instantly measures your speed and pushes you to go even faster

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The Super Sonic X10's built-in speedometer lets you instantly measure your clubhead speed gains.

Super Sonic Speedometer

You’ll add 20+ yards while gaining accuracy & consistency, guaranteed… And you’ll have fun doing it.

“The Super Sonic X10 did for me in 12 minutes what various golf teachers haven't been able to do for years and months of trying.”

– Rob LeVine, 13 handicap

Dear improvement-seeking golfer:

I assume you’re here because you want more distance.

Smart. Very smart.

Clearly, you know that getting longer is a sure-fire way to get better.

In a moment, I’ll show you a great new way to do just that. In fact, it’s the simplest, most effective distance-boosting method I’ve ever seen. (I’ve got evidence from everyday amateurs, too.)

Full disclosure: This will require a little practice on your part. But only a little. And you’ll have so much fun, it won’t even feel like work.

Also: You’ll be amazed by how quickly you make progress. Major, measurable progress. Not just in the length of your tee shots, either.

You’ll gain yards throughout the bag. Driver through wedges. And the longer your shots… the shorter the course... the more consistently you’ll shoot lower scores. I’m getting ahead of myself, though. Before diving into the details, I need something from you.

I need a commitment.

Don’t worry, I’m not asking for endless hours of your valuable time. There’s no pledge to sign, no oath to swear.


All you have to do is make these three small promises… not to me, but to yourself:

  • You’ll forget you ever heard that “slower is better.”
  • You won’t be afraid to swing faster – so fast it might make you a touch uncomfortable (at first).
  • You’ll accept that it’s possible to actually gain accuracy and consistency by generating more clubhead speed.

Can you do that? I think you can. But I want to be sure. Check that – I want you to be sure.

After all, uncertainty is the enemy of progress.

First, how ‘bout a quick hello – I’m Peter Kostis, golf teacher since 1970 and PGA Tour TV commentator since 1989. Along the way, I’ve been fortunate to coach hundreds of world-class players, including Bernhard Langer and Paul Casey.

As you’d expect, working with pros is a genuine thrill. But the real rewards come from helping amateurs improve.

Which would be a lot easier if not for this persistent myth:

“Bad things happen when you swing too fast.”

Peter Kostis, teacher and TV golf commentator. Peter is a paid spokesman for the Super Sonic X10.

That’s pure hogwash.

Yet it’s so widely believed and harmful that I’ve spent years looking for something, anything, to convince golfers that slower is NOT better. Something that:

  • Provides undeniable proof that anyone can swing significantly faster in a very short time…
  • Delivers instant feedback that not only boosts golfers’ speed, but
  • Ensures it’s the right kind of speed – perfectly timed for maximum impact and produced by sound fundamentals.

Ideally, this “something” also…

  • Motivates golfers to go faster and faster and, most important of all…
  • Shows players like you what you’re really capable of. (And helps you achieve it.)
Sounds like a pipe dream, right? That’s what I’d started to think, too.

Blame it on decades of disappointment.

Just like you, I’ve seen countless devices promising a jolt of ball-crushing swing speed. Some do a good job of building your golf muscles. Others improve your turn, your timing or your flexibility.

None of them, however, offer the kind of feedback, motivation and swing enhancement recreational golfers need.

Truth be told, I had all but given up searching.

Then some friends of mine called and asked me to check out their new invention. “You gotta see this thing,” they insisted. “It’s a total game-changer.”

I didn’t let on, but I was skeptical. When you’ve witnessed nearly half a century’s worth of unfulfilled claims, you learn to temper expectations. Then I saw what my pals had come up with. Tried it for myself. Ran it through the wringer and put it to the test with a dozen everyday golfers. When all was said and done, I knew it was the real deal. I know this, too:

It’s gonna bring out your very best golf.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my pleasure to introduce:

Dave Hunt

I actually had more distance, and I had more speed, and that's only with about four or five swings.

Dave Hunt, 11 handicap

The All New Super Sonic X10

Super Sonic X10

Created to Tap All Your Potential Distance, Accuracy & Consistency by Freeing You to Swing FAST

That’s what it did for Mike Rothaupt.

A 22 handicapper, Mike added nearly 7 MPH and 25 yards after a brief session with the Super Sonic X10.

Rob LeVine got even better results. He’s a solid 13 handicap but, in his words, “always the shortest hitter in my foursome.” That was before he used the Super Sonic X10 and gained 10 MPH and 27 yards.

Maura Kenney… Mike Rutherford... Arnie Clark…

Right down the line, from the first test golfer to the last, from the lowest handicapper to the highest, they all picked up speed, distance or both.

And they did it without sacrificing control.

Their stats and stories are coming up, along with their rave reviews for the Super Sonic X10. But first, let’s take a closer look at this remarkable new product.

The Super Sonic X10 measures 43 inches, a tad shorter than a standard driver.

It works for men and women, righties and lefties.

It doubles as a terrific pre-round warmup tool, stretching your muscles while honing your timing. And you can swing it anywhere the mood strikes, indoors or out – at home, the office or the range, for instance.

Of course, you can do the same thing with lots of other practice aids. So what separates this one from all those?

Two unique features make the Super Sonic X10 the most effective (and fun-to-use) speed trainer in golf.

Anyone who’s serious about improving knows it takes work.

But let’s face it – practicing can get pretty tedious.

Not with the Super Sonic X10. Thanks to its two key features, swinging this thing is like a game in itself.

Super Sonic X10

Unique feature #1: The SwingSpeedometer

This ingenious device does exactly what the name implies – it measures your swing speed with the Super Sonic X10. No need to hire a coach to check your speed on a launch monitor. No need to spend big bucks on a monitor of your own.

The SwingSpeedometer tells you in an instant.

Give ‘er a rip, then check the readout. The digital display tells you precisely how fast you were moving (in miles per hour) at top speed. Trust me – as soon as you see that number, you’re gonna want to try and beat it.

You’ll be even more driven (pardon the pun) when you realize that each MPH of added swing speed equals 2.5 extra driving yards.

So a gain of 4 MPH gives you 10 more yards…
A gain of 8 MPH = 20 yards…
A gain of 12 MPH = 30 yards… and so on.

As I’ll show you in a second, you’ll also gain corresponding yardage with every club in the bag. And that, my friend, is just part of what makes the Super Sonic X10 such an incredible motivational tool. It’s also incredibly fun.

Picture this...

Your buddies come over for a barbecue or a game-watching party. You show them your Super Sonic X10 and propose a friendly competition. Everybody tosses in a buck or two and takes five swings – fastest swing wins the pot. Next thing you know, it’s 3:00 a.m. and you’re on the tee in four hours.

Kidding aside, the SwingSpeedometer will accurately gauge and propel your progress toward a faster, better swing. As in lower scores and more enjoyment. Assuming, that is, your speed peaks at the right moment – the moment of impact.

Which brings us to…

The SwingSpeedometer tells you instantly how fast you've swung.

Unique feature #2: The SpeedSlider

This cone-shaped slider is spring-loaded and attached to a 10-setting dial on the Super Sonic’s shaft. As you swing downward, the SpeedSlider glides toward a stopper at the bottom; if your release is timed correctly, it strikes the stopper at (or a fraction beyond) the impact position – meaning you’ve reached maximum speed at the perfect spot.

If the SpeedSlider hits bottom before impact, you’ve released (uncocked) your wrists and hands too early. If it hits well past impact, you’ve released too late.

You’ll know instantly by the sound and feel of the SpeedSlider cracking the stopper. It’s the kind of actionable feedback that drives quick yet lasting improvement.

Pretty cool, huh?

Now here’s the best part: The dial’s 10 settings correlate to swing speed, so the higher the number, the more speed is required to move the SpeedSlider. It works for a huge range of swings – from below 80 MPH to a tour-level 110-plus.

In short, the SpeedSlider serves two important purposes:

  • It teaches you to “lag” the club and unleash all your power at the moment of impact, and…
  • It encourages you to go ever faster in order to reach the next number on the dial.

Not sure what I mean by “lag”? It’s a power move made famous by Ben Hogan and used by pretty much all pros (and most low-handicappers). As we move on, I’ll explain why lag is a critical swing component… and one the Super Sonic will help you master.

Building and ingraining lag will take some time and practice. But you’ll see results with the Super Sonic X10 right away. I’ve got the numbers to prove it.

The SpeedSlider teaches you to lag the club and helps you swing even faster to get to the next level.

A dozen lucky golfers got to test the Super Sonic X10. The verdict: “A must-have to improve your game.”

They convened at my home course, Maine’s Falmouth Country Club, with zero knowledge about the product they’d be trying.

The drill went like this:

  1. Each golfer hit three drives, with clubhead speed and other stats measured by a launch monitor. The average speed served as our base number.
  2. Next, I showed each golfer the Super Sonic X10, explained how to use it, and had them take several swings.
  3. The golfers then resumed hitting drives under the monitor’s watchful eye, occasionally switching back to the Super Sonic for a few practice swings.
  4. Once each golfer finished, we calculated the difference in his or her swing speed before and after trying the Super Sonic.

The “Dandy Dozen” represented a range of experience, talent, skill levels and handicaps (from 6 to 24).

Some swung the driver at relatively low speeds – less than 90 MPH – while several were in the mid-90s (typical for a 15 handicapper). We had a fair number of fast swingers, too – guys who could make it “whoosh” at 105-plus.

Differences aside, these 12 golfers shared a few common traits.

They all:

  • Wanted more distance, but…
  • Feared sacrificing accuracy and consistency, and…
  • Swung with a hint of hesitation.

Of course, those last two are closely related. When you’ve been taught that swinging fast is bad, you’re bound to be a little timid.

Exhibit A: Mark Murphy.

A tall, strapping fellow who played football and hockey as a youngster, Mark started the day swinging his driver a shade over 93 MPH – not bad but, as he jokingly admitted, “pretty wimpy for someone of my height.”

To his credit, Mark had already pinpointed the problem. “I swing too easy,” he said, “instead of just letting it rip.”

Luckily, I had just the cure.

I handed Mark the Super Sonic X10, briefly described how to use it and told him to take a few swings.

He dutifully obliged – and quickly noticed something different.

“I immediately felt a little more confidence to go ahead and just let 'er rip.”

Boy, did he ever.

Mark Murphy, HDCP 11 - “I immediately felt a little more confidence to go ahead and just let 'er rip.”

When Mark resumed hitting his driver, he reached a max speed of… drumroll, please… 107 MPH.

Oh, by the way: His distance jumped by 30 yards… 30 accurate yards. Not bad for a few minutes’ work.

Needless to say, Mark was beside himself. “I couldn't believe the Super Sonic X10 sort of unlocked this distance that had disappeared over the last decade and a half in my game.”

The question is, how?

The answer may surprise you.

When practicing with the Super Sonic X10, you’ve got two main goals:

  • To make the SpeedSlider click at the moment of impact, and…
  • To notch a higher MPH on the SwingSpeedometer with each successive swing.

Simple. Clearly defined. Success quickly verified via tactile, auditory and visual feedback. Did I mention it’s also loads of fun? (So much fun that you’ll find yourself making 10, then 50, then 100 swings and losing track of time.)

Without even realizing it, you’ll start swinging instinctively – instead of thinking about every little move.

Then, when you switch to a regular club, you’ll swing with the same uncluttered freedom.

You won’t be carelessly launching long balls, either, because the SpeedSlider instills the rhythm and timing necessary to square the clubface at just the right instant.

I know 12 golfers who can attest.

Mark and his fellow testers made impressive gains galore. All after minimal practice with the Super Sonic X10. Some examples:

  • Scott Gardner, 15 handicap: Boosted his average driver speed by 6.3 MPH, which equates to approximately 15.8 yards of total distance.
  • Mike Rutherford, 14 handicap: Improved his best carry distance by a whopping 45 yards (from 233 to 278), which prompted a genuine Maine-style response: “Jeezly crow!” Mike exclaimed.
  • Steve Gallant, 6 handicap: After topping out at 210 yards before using the Super Sonic X10, Steve blasted six balls at least 235 yards – including a 245-yard bomb – afterward.
  • Arnie Clark, 8 handicap: The former scratch golfer peaked at 84 MPH before he tried the Super Sonic X10, then reached 92 MPH after.

These happy campers had plenty to say about their experience. Here’s a small selection of comments:

Amateur Golfers Rave About the Super Sonic X10

“When I first swung the Super Sonic X10, I was a little bit nervous to getting back to hitting my own driver because (my swing) was significantly faster and I was actually afraid of falling over. But when I got up there, hit it and saw the results, it was pretty amazing. I've never seen anything with the results that quickly that translated into longer, straighter drives.”
Scott Gardner, 15 handicap
Scott Gardner
“(The Super Sonic X10) got my clubhead speed not only higher, but it got my hands in the proper slot. My normal drives, I'll push it right, I'll hook it left. I hit four balls in a row with a little bit of baby draw that gave me consistency. The Super Sonic X10 completely surprised me that a 52-year-old guy (could get) 50 more yards of carry just swinging it four or five times.”
Mike Rutherford, 14 handicap
Mike Rutherford
“I'm 66 and I've lost probably 50 yards over the last 10 years. After using the Super Sonic for five minutes, three or four swings, I felt like I was getting a better move through the ball. The ball launched higher. It carried a lot further, like 20 yards further, which is fantastic. It felt really consistent.
Steve Gallant, 6 handicap
Steve Gallant
“The Super Sonic X10 is an eye-opening experience both figuratively and literally, because you can see your swing speed changing as you do it and you can hear it, and it just helps you change your outlook on golf. Normally my shots fade a little bit to the left, but after using the Super Sonic X10 the shots were going straight. And dead straight is awesome, because there's no feeling like a shot that goes dead straight.”
Rob LeVine, 13 handicap (and left-handed)
Rob LeVine
“After using the Super Sonic for about 10 minutes, I increased my swing speed six or seven miles an hour, which comes out to about 20 yards of carry. It was almost effortless. You start to swing a little bit more freely. The Super Sonic X10 is easy and incredible.”
Seth Neuts, 16 handicap
Seth Neuts
“The lag slider on the Super Sonic really helps you pinpoint where you need to hear that snap, that sound, so you know that you're releasing at the right place to get the most distance out of your ball. After using the Super Sonic X10 my swing felt pretty effortless and pretty strong.”
Maura Kenney, 24 handicap
Maura Kenney

The distance gains are noteworthy, of course. But did you notice how many golfers mentioned their improved accuracy and consistency after using the Super Sonic X10? Surprising, huh? Not really. I’ll explain why in a moment.

You may already know the answer. Or maybe you’re content to take my word for it. Either way, I bet you want some of what our test golfers got – longer, straighter drives with mere minutes of practice – and you want it NOW. In that case, all you’ve got to do is…

As I was saying, you shouldn’t be surprised that Mark Murphy and Co. gained yardage without losing accuracy.

Because despite what you’ve heard…

You can get longer AND straighter at the same time.

It makes sense when you realize distance and accuracy come from a single source:

A properly timed release that’s loaded with “lag.” If you’re not familiar with the term, “lag” is the angle formed by the left arm and the shaft during the downswing.

The smaller or tighter the angle, the more power is stored for impact. A wide angle means you’ve already spent power well before reaching the ball – probably by “casting” the club from the top.

Pros create tons of lag. Amateurs… not so much. The good news is, you don’t need next-level talent to develop lag. You just need lots of practice (and probably some lessons). Scratch that.

All you really need is a few spare minutes a day – and the Super Sonic X10.

The SpeedSlider teaches you to lag and release the club with powerful precision. The more lag you build, the faster your readings on the SwingSpeedometer. And the higher you’ll set the slider’s dial.

When you can consistently make the SpeedSlider click at the point of impact, you’ll be sure of two important things:

  • You’re unleashing all your power into the ball (rather than wasting it before contact), and…
  • Your release is timed to square the clubface (rather than leaving it open and producing a slice).

The result?

You got it: More distance AND more accuracy.

Best of all, these gains won’t be limited to your driver.

Dave Hunt

After using the Supersonic, my ball-striking was considerably better. I’ve used a lot of training devices over the years. Probably all of them. The Super Sonic X10 was by far the easiest to pick up. No other training device I’ve ever used has given me 20 extra yards carry like this, not even close.

Steve Gallant, 6 handicap

You’ll get longer, straighter & more consistent throughout the bag.

For every 1 MPH and 2.5 yards added with the driver, you’ll pick up corresponding speed and yardage with all your other clubs.

Example: Your 5-iron should generate about 84% of your driver speed and produce about 2.2 yards per MPH, so gaining 6 MPH and 15 yards with the driver should add just over 5 MPH and 11 yards with your 5-iron.

You’ll get a boost with your hybrids, too, as well as your other irons and, yep, even your wedges.

Do you know what that means? It means you’ll…

  • Shorten every course by hundreds of yards…
  • Use shorter clubs for approach shots and par 3s…
  • Hit more greens in regulation…
  • Make more pars and birdies…
  • Shoot lower scores consistently and slash your handicap.

In other words, you’ll have a heckuva lot more fun.

Make it happen by taking that critical first step.

Unmatched feedback and motivation.

So, I’ve told you the Super Sonic X10 will boost your swing speed (and distance) more quickly than any training aid out there. I’ve pointed out that it actually makes practice feel like play. I’ve explained how its two unique features – the SwingSpeedometer and SpeedSlider – provide unmatched feedback and motivation, driving you to go faster and faster.

And I’ve dispelled the myth that adding distance costs you accuracy and consistency. You’ve seen the eye-popping gains made by golfers who tested the Super Sonic X10. And heard their glowing praise.

Well, what else would you like to know? Wait, lemme guess. You want to know the price.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that longer drives…

  • More fairways…
  • Shorter approaches…
  • Fewer blow-up holes…
  • Prettier scorecards…
  • And the pride that comes with them…

All of this…

Costs just $119 – a $30 savings vs. regular pricing.

But only for a limited time.

That’s because we’ve got a small number of Super Sonic X10’s in stock for this introductory rollout.

Pass it up now and pay full fare later. (Believe me, once you see the gains your golf buddies are making with the Super Sonic, you’re gonna want your own.)

The choice is yours.

Before you decide, though, there’s one more thing to consider:

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your Super Sonic X10 Comes with a 60-Day, Money-Back Guarantee

Spend two months practicing with the Super Sonic X10 and you’ll pick up at least 8 MPH and 20 yards off the tee.

You’ll do it without sacrificing accuracy – in fact, your drives, iron shots, woods and hybrids will likely get even straighter. Your ball-striking will become more solid and consistent throughout the bag. And your scores will reflect the improvement.

I guarantee it.

If the Super Sonic X10 fails to deliver these gains, or if you’re unhappy with it for any reason, the solution is simple: Send it back and we’ll refund the full purchase price (minus shipping and handling).

There you have it: Our zero-risk, no-questions-asked guarantee, which frees you up to take a swing at this awesome, soon-to-expire offer.

Just like the Super Sonic X10 will turn you loose to tap every ounce of your power and potential – the way it did for Mark Murphy.

“As I was getting older I was getting a little more careful,” Mark told me. “Those days are over as of this morning.”

It’s time, my friend, to charge into a brighter golf future of your own.

Full speed ahead. Just click the 'Add to Cart' below to get started now.

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