Just 20 Swings a Day with This Distance Trainer Can Give You 20 Extra Yards (Or More!) Off the Tee

It's the best in- and off-season training aid that makes it ridiculously easy to boost your clubhead speed and driving distance with just a few minutes of practice a day. And it's on sale now for a limited time. Watch the video below now to see how it works.

"I added 30 yards working 15 minutes. I know that sounds crazy, but it happened to me right here today."

David Carpenter, age 61, handicap 9

If you’ve been searching for a quick and easy way to add yards and shave strokes, today’s your lucky day: You’ve found the magic bullet.

Actually, it’s called the “Speed Bullet,” and it’s a patent-pending part of the Speed Stik® — a brand new training aid that can increase your clubhead speed by 8 or more miles an hour and add at least 20 extra yards to your drives.

From minimal practice with the Speed Stik®, you can easily:

  • Increase your driver speed by 6–10 MPH, giving you 15 – 25 extra yards off the tee and making all your approach shots shorter and easier (You know that monster par 4 that always eats your lunch? Your next approach shot there could be four clubs shorter.)
  • Add 10 – 20 yards (or more) throughout the rest of your set, from sand wedge to 3-wood. (Hit every club farther, and you get to the green in fewer strokes!)
  • Groove a textbook downswing that delivers a powerful, perfectly-timed blow. (No wasted effort - funnel all your speed and power into the back of the ball at impact for maximum distance.)
  • Improve your contact, accuracy and consistency on all shots (From driver to hybrids to irons, you name it!)

All this from a single, elegantly simple training aid – no assembly required, no cumbersome straps to wrap around various body parts, no looking like a clown.

And definitely no more driving like a wimp.

Experts have proven that every mile per hour of increased clubhead speed equals about 2½ extra yards.

After just 20 swings with the Speed Stik you can increase your clubhead speed by up to 8 miles an hour and add 20 extra yards to your drives!

"My wife is a golf fanatic, and we have every device known to man, and this is by far and away the best." - John Bellow, age 70, handicap 19

You’ll Never Hit the Ball Farther Without...

Fill in the blank:

To hit longer shots and play better golf, you need ___________________.

Hint: It’s not a new driver.

Nope, switching golf balls won’t do it, either.

More loft? Less loft? No and no.

The list of possible answers goes on and on…

And on… And on…

Which is why so many golfers miss the one that’s staring them right the face.

Give up?

To hit longer shots and play better golf, you need more clubhead speed.

Didn’t see that coming, did you?

If you thought an equipment change might do the trick, you’re not alone. Each year, golfers spend billions – with a “b” – on products that promise huge yardage gains but deliver bupkis.

We call this “putting the cart before the horse.”

Because the best equipment in the world won’t help if your clubhead speed is too slow.

A Little Extra Swing Speed Goes a Long, LONG Way

We’ll move on to the all-important how of adding swing speed momentarily. But we’re not going anywhere until you fully grasp speed’s effect on the golf ball. Consider that with the driver:

1 MPH of clubhead speed generates approximately 2.5 yards of distance.

Applying some basic math, we find that adding a mere 4 MPH of speed delivers an extra 10 yards to your drives.

An 8 MPH increase tacks on a whopping 20 yards.

Pretty awesome, huh? It gets better. Because if you’re like most golfers and swing in the 80–90 MPH range – about 25–35 MPH shy of the average pro – there’s still plenty of space between the pedal and the metal. In other words, you’re sitting on tons of untapped horsepower… as in surplus speed… as in huge reserves of distance. Now that’s exciting.

Speed + Timing = BOOM!

OK, we’ve firmly established the importance of swing speed and noted your capacity to increase it. There’s one more need-to-know fact in the quest for longer drives:

To generate maximum distance, you must reach top speed at the correct point in the swing.

Care to guess where that is?

You got it – the impact zone.

All right, let’s wrap up this lesson by boiling it all down to a simple formula:

More clubhead speed delivered at the moment of impact equals longer drives…

... which lead to shorter approach shots…

... which lower your scores…

... and make you the undisputed alpha dog of your foursome.

No One Gets Better Without Practicing ... However ...

We said the Speed Stik is a "magic bullet," but let’s get one thing straight: Nobody improves without practicing. Nobody.

But there are better ways to practice and better things to practice with, to get better faster.

Enter the brand new Speed Stik®

New and improved red design! Extra durable. Extra flex. Extra speed-boosting performance!

Not only does it accelerate through the impact area, but it accelerates your improvement. You can add 10 – 20 yards to your drives in just a single 15-minute practice session.


By quickly training your muscles to create proper lag, timing, and release - three proven distance boosters that have always been extremely difficult and time-consuming to learn.

Until now.

The Speed Stik uses a first-of-its-kind force-adjustable magnet and slider called the Speed Bullet.

The key to its effectiveness: instant AUDIBLE feedback.

Let's take a look at how it works...

*Videos feature retired orange model

The Speed Stik has a Force-Adjustable Magnet and Bullet Slider.

The Bullet slides down the shaft as you swing toward the impact position.

As you fully release (uncock) the wrists and hands, the Speed Bullet hits the stopper at the bottom of the shaft and produces a flush-feeling, clearly audible “CRACK.”

And that crack tells you everything you need to know.

If you release too early, the crack will go off before the clubhead reaches the impact position.

Release too late and you’ll hear the crack after the club has exited the contact zone.

But when you get your timing just right, which the Speed Stik trains you to do, you’ll be rewarded with a crisp, satisfying “Crack!” where the ball would normally be (or a few inches beyond it).

The faster you swing, the louder the crack.

And the LOUDER the crack, the LONGER your drives.

I’ve never seen a distance trainer that uses such a loud, undeniable auditory training mechanism like this. It’s so effective!

The Speed Bullet is held in place by the never-before-seen Force Adjustable Magnet which features five resistance settings, numbered 1 to 5.

The lower numbers require less speed to move the Speed Bullet down the shaft. The higher numbers require more.

As you continue building more speed into your swing, you simply adjust the dial to a higher setting so it’s harder to move.

And make no mistake – you will build more speed.

The Speed Stik is about the length of a standard driver, and you swing it without hitting a golf ball.

Use it on the range, in the office or holed up in the man cave – wherever and whenever the mood strikes – and enjoy big gains on the course.

"I've been trying to extend my distance substantially this season, and this accomplished in ten minutes what I've been working on for the last two months." - Michael Bamberger, handicap 18

Tap Into the Pros’ Mysterious Power Source and Unlock Loads of Distance

Pros and power hitters all share a common element – a devastating action which, for many avid golfers, represents the holy grail of swing technique.

What is this mystery move? It’s called “lag”… but don’t let the term fool you. While the word literally means “to fall or stay behind,” this maneuver will send you soaring past your peers.

And you’ll have the Speed Stik® to thank.

Before we explain how the Speed Stik works its magic, let’s briefly explore the wonders of lag.

Basically, lag occurs when the wrists remain in a strong cocked position during the downswing, causing the clubhead to – you got it – lag well behind the hands.

When the wrists finally uncock, the clubhead explodes into the ball with vicious speed.

Think of it this way: The golf club is a bullwhip, and you want to snap it at the bottom of your swing.

Unfortunately, most amateurs reach peak swing speed behind the ball and make contact as the clubhead decelerates.

Not only do their shots go nowhere, they usually go sideways. Casting the club is a key culprit in many a slice, as well as fat and thin shots and the occasional hook.

A few golfers do the opposite, waiting too long to release the club; when they finally hit top speed well past impact, the ball is gone.

But not very far... and probably way right of the target.

To summarize: Releasing too early (aka “casting the club”) or too late will cost you major distance and accuracy.

Now for the good news:

No Drill Can Teach You Lag Faster than the Speed Stik®

The Speed Stik cures both problems by training your body to lag the club, or “crack the whip,” with perfect timing.

That may not sound like a huge deal, but trust us. The “holy grail” talk is hardly hyperbole.

Ask any golfer who’s tried to develop lag using conventional methods, and he’ll tell you:

It’s difficult, if not downright impossible.

While there are dozens of drills aimed at creating lag, none provide the stimulus that prompts quick, measurable improvement… Which is the very thing that makes the Speed Stik so uniquely effective:

Instant feedback.

Swing the Speed Stik and the feel and sound of the crack will tell you immediately if your release is early or late. If your swing is on the slow side, you’ll know that too.

With just a few reps, your brain and body will figure out how to swing the Speed Stik so the crack is on time.

Likewise, you’ll instinctively learn to make a louder crack – as in a faster swing – by building and storing more power on the approach to impact.

Then, when you pick up your driver, you’ll swing it with the same rhythm, timing and effortless speed you learned with the Speed Stik.

20 swings a day for 20 extra yards.

Yes, it’s just that easy.

Can the Speed Stik Make You Longer AND Straighter? Yes!

So far, we’ve focused mostly on how the Speed Stik can jack up your distance – which should be your No. 1 goal.

But as every golfer knows, accuracy also matters. What good is a 300-yard drive if it ends up at the bottom of a pond?

With the Speed Stik at your disposal, the only thing drowning will be your buddies’ sorrows… at the 19th hole.

Because you won’t just be longer. You’ll be straighter, too.

Here’s why:

If you want the loudest possible crack at exactly the right time, you must swing the Speed Stik with sound mechanics.

In short, the lower body must lead the downswing, starting a chain reaction that brings the shoulders, arms and hands hurtling with controlled fury into the impact zone.

Get it wrong and you’ll know instantly. The Speed Stik won’t let you fake it.

A funny thing happens when your fundamentals are solid.

Club meets ball with a square face... One that’s motoring like a bullet train down a straightaway.

"I hit it 30 yards farther. On this golf course, that means I'm three clubs shorter going in to the green." - David Carpenter, age 61, handicap 9

And More Yards Means More Greens... and More Fun

Time for a little “tale of the tape,” golf-style.

Let’s say your current driver swing speed is 90 MPH and your average tee shot travels 225 yards – not bad. Not bad at all.

Remember: 1 extra mile per hour in clubhead speed equals about 2 ½ extra yards off the tee.

So after a little light practice with the Speed Stik you add 8 extra MPH, which translates to another 20 yards – for an average drive of 245.

Now we’re talkin’ real distance.

And you’ve only teed off.

The added lag and improved timing that juiced your driving also apply to your swing with the irons, hybrids and fairway woods.That means you’ll pick up proportionate yards all the way through your set.

OK, you’re ready to play a hypothetical hole with your newfound firepower. It’s a straightforward par 4 of 380 yards.

For comparison’s sake, let’s see how you’d fare before and after working with the Speed Stik.

  Before Speed Stik After Speed Stik
Driver Speed 90 MPH 98 MPH
Driver Distance 225 Yards 245 Yards
Distance to Green 155 Yards 135 Yards
Club to Reach Green 6-iron 9-iron

By swapping a 6-iron for a 9, your chances of hitting the green in regulation – and putting for birdie – just got a whole lot better.

Consider this, too: The longer the hole, the more you shorten it with that extra distance. That could mean a four- or five-club difference on burly par 4s. You’ll also need less club on every par 3.

Who knows, you may even tame a few par 5s in two shots.

Yep, golf is about to get really, really fun.

"It didn't seem like I had to do anything differently. I just swung with the Speed Stik and it went farther." - Brian Dunigan, index 85

Perfect Grip and Tempo, Too

Itching to get your hands on the Speed Stik? We don’t blame you (and we’ll tell you how very soon).

Speaking of hands, the Speed Stik's specially designed training grip will position yours perfectly for every swing. That’s a big deal, since the grip is widely acknowledged as golf’s most important fundamental.

Tempo ranks up there, too, and the Speed Stik's extra-flexible shaft will endow your swing with a dancer’s rhythm. (Though we can’t promise it will help your dancing.)

No doubt about it, the Speed Stik is an incredibly handy tool – so handy, it’s easy to lose track of all the things it can do for your game.

So let’s briefly recap. Practicing with the Speed Stik will:

  • Escalate your swing speed and lengthen your drives by, well, who knows how much? Safe to say you’ll net at least 8 MPH in short order, which translates to 20+ yards of driving distance… and similar gains right through your wedges.
  • Sharpen your accuracy by virtue of the clubface meeting the ball squarely. That’s the beauty of generating speed the right way – a swing that’s in synch produces power and control.
  • Hone your ball-striking so that you hit the sweet spot more often – delivering maximum distance – while your miss-hits don’t miss by much.
  • Enhance your consistency until bad holes and bad rounds are few and far between. If you can repeatedly make the Speed Stik crack at impact, your muscle memory will take over on the golf course and produce the same swing.
  • Lower your scores... At the end of the day, isn’t that what it’s all about?

"I increased my club head speed by 14 mph in just 6 or 7 swings. Amazing."
- Ray Mehling, handicap 14

Act on this special offer NOW and get the Speed Stik® for only $99.

Let's put this in perspective; $99 is less than the cost of:

  • A single private lesson with a decent teacher (who will likely recommend a few follow-up sessions).
  • Ten buckets of beat-up range balls (which you’ll hit off worn-out mats and tees that are too short).
  • A couple dozen new premium golf balls (which may net you an extra yard or two, but could actually hurt your distance).
  • A souped-up shaft for your current driver (because you’ve been told the shaft is “the engine of the club,” when the real engine is your swing – and it’s sputtering).

Of course, $99 is a fraction of what you’ll pay for that brand-new, pro-approved, NASA-engineered driver (which won’t do a darn thing to boost your swing speed).

Could you spend the same amount or less on a different training aid? Sure. But good luck finding one that delivers results to match the Speed Stik.

It doesn’t exist.

Fact is, if you’re serious about adding length and building a permanently better golf swing, this is a $99 investment that will pay huge dividends.

Because you’ll finally own the one item that makes good on every unfulfilled promise of all those long-forgotten golf products left cluttering your hallway closet.


Longer, Straighter, Better Or Your Money Back

Just to prove we’re not trying to pull a fast one (pun intended), the Speed Stik comes with a 60-day, money-back, no-questions-asked guarantee.

We’re absolutely positive you’ll enjoy a noticeable uptick in clubhead speed and distance after a single session with the Speed Stik. But we want to make sure you’ve got ample time to use it and groove a faster, more efficient and powerful swing before deciding whether this game-changing marvel meets your approval.

If two months come and go and you’re not...

… Longer off the tee…

… Hitting fairways with machine-like frequency…

… Blistering your irons and hybrids with deadly precision…

… Racking up more greens in regulation, more birdies & more pars…

… Enjoying golf more than ever…

Then simply return your Speed Stik for a full refund (minus shipping & handling). In fact, you can return it for any reason at all, or none whatsoever, and we’ll repay every last one of your 99 dollars back.

Well, there you have it. A risk-free guarantee of greater distance, accuracy and consistency requiring just a few minutes of regular “practice.”

If you're looking for quick and lasting speed and distance gains, the ALL-NEW Speed Stik is for you.

No matter what the time of year... no matter what the weather... you can practice with the Speed Stik at home – for just a few minutes each day – and train your muscles to make a faster swing with more lag and a properly-timed release. All of which means MORE DISTANCE - just 20 swings a day for 20 extra yards!

So go ahead and click “Add to Cart” now. It’s time your golf game made some noise.

The Speed Stik®

Just 20 swings a day for 20 extra yards!

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Your Total Today: $99

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"I hit 17 mph faster and 40 yards farther. My hit was higher, straighter, and where I was aiming. You can't beat the Speed Stik; it was awesome."

Donna Mehling

"I increased my swing speed by six miles an hour, which is impressive for such a short time on the apparatus. The Speed Stik was very easy to use, very simple, and a lot of fun."

Steven Adler, 20 handicap

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