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What on Earth is a “Moon Wood”?

Introducing a Groundbreaking New Club that Delivers 7-Iron Height & Control with Fairway Wood Distance in One Easy-to-Hit Package

With its shorter shaft, low-profile clubface & extra-wide sole, the Moon Wood is engineered to help you launch green-holding shots from long range using a vertical, 7-iron-like swing… 88% of test golfers hit the ball higher while 75% gained carry distance over their irons & hybrids.

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This is not supposed to happen. Amateur golfers aren’t supposed to hit the ball this high, or this straight. Not off the deck. Not from these distances.

And certainly not with such machine-like consistency. It’s just not done.

I hate to sound cruel, but recreational golfers simply don’t have the clubhead speed – let alone the finely tuned swing mechanics – required to launch fairway shots at such lofty angles, to carry the ball so far, and land it so softly.

And yet they did.

Time after time... shot after shot... one after another after another. Incredible.

You know what else was amazing? How they could do it so quickly… So effortlessly… You’d swear they’d been doing it their whole lives.

I’m telling you, it defies explanation. Flies in the face of conventional wisdom. Makes you wonder if what you’re seeing is actually real. And if it is? Then the question becomes, How?

How is this possible?

How can regular golfers, including double-digit handicappers and past-their-prime retirees… suddenly shrug off their shortcomings, exceed all expectations, and surprise even themselves… by hitting shots of such beauty and precision…

Without a single lesson or practice session?

How? I’ll tell you how.

They simply tried something different.
They didn’t revamp their swings or find some “secret move of the pros.” Nobody stumbled upon the Fountain of Youth. No, these golfers discovered something altogether new, unprecedented and stunningly effective.
Bobby Wilson

I’ll explain this phenomenon in just a minute. First, I’d like to say hello. I’m 5-time World Long Drive champion Bobby Wilson. And while I’m best known for bombing mammoth tee shots, I don’t hit wedge into every green. Even for a guy like me, reliability from long range is critical to shooting lower scores.

Which brings us back to our tale.

The golfers who did the amazing things I described above… they weren’t ringers. Far from it. In fact, I bet you would’ve fit right in.

There was John Iannarelli, a muscular 40-year-old with a 17 handicap.

And Danielle Miller, who takes 90-something strokes per round and enjoys every last one.

Easygoing Marv Stammen… Silky smooth Frank Smith… And amazing Pat Lott, who carries an 8 handicap at age 70 – with a prosthetic right leg.

Their ages, physical abilities and skill levels covered a wide range. But these amateur golfers shared one unfortunate trait: With any club longer than a 6-iron, their chances of hitting and holding a green were next to nil.

The typical 17 handicapper loses more strokes per shot between 151 – 175 yards than any other distance

FACT: The vast majority of recreational golfers struggle with middle and long irons, as well as hybrids and fairway woods.

Why? Because the longer the club and the lower its loft… the harder it is to launch high enough… carry far enough… and land softly enough to find the green. Which explains why studies show the typical 17 handicapper loses more strokes, per shot, between 151 – 175 yards than any other distance.

I’m guessing you can relate.

Well, the good news is you've stumbled onto a simple fix, and this short story below illustrates how quick and easy it can be...

It's about a recreational golfer named Bob Manougian. A 14 handicapper with a nice move through the ball, Bob was a solid player – except when he faced a long approach shot. Raw distance wasn’t really the issue. Bob could hit his 4-iron about 200 yards, total.

But note these two words: could and total.

While Bob could squeeze enviable distance from a 4-iron, he rarely did – reaching the 200-yard mark less than 20% of the time according to a launch monitor. Also, that’s total yards – and includes about 40 yards of roll. See the problem?

When playing a long approach, Bob had to plan for lots of run-out… which brought green-guarding hazards into play. And if he managed to skirt the trouble? He crossed his fingers and hoped the ball didn’t scurry over the green. As for elevated greens, well, Bob didn’t have a prayer.

Now, you may have noticed that I’m talking about Bob’s travails in the past tense.

There’s a reason for that. Because Bob’s travails are ancient history. On a shimmering late-summer day in Scottsdale, Arizona, his all-too-common issues vanished like a desert mirage. Instead of relying on his low-flying, hot-running 4-iron, Bob...

Suddenly discovered a simple way to…

Hit it 45% higher… Carry it 19.5% farther… And land it at a 31% steeper angle…

All thanks to one simple change. It’s the only thing Bob needed to dramatically improve his odds of knocking the ball on the green from long range.

His was hardly an isolated case.

  • Brad Schmidt, age 65 and a single-digit handicap, made the exact same change as Bob and saw the height of his average shot jump by 137.5% – yes, 137.5% – while gaining 21.8 yards of carry.
  • Jim Rasmussen, a 15 handicapper, posted solid numbers with his own 5-iron. Then he tried things our way and watched his shots soar 35 feet higher, travel 24 yards farther and fall at a 51% sharper angle.
  • Marv Stammen, an 11, hit several shots with his 5-iron, placing 25% within 20 feet of the target line. Not bad. Then he made the switch – and drilled an incredible 7 of 7 attempts inside 20 feet (including two within 8 feet). Now that’s consistency.

As you’ll soon see, that’s just a sampling of the remarkable, instant progress attained by a group of amateur golfers. All sparked about by the same quick and easy change. Now for the best part:

You, too, can make this simple switch and enjoy similar improvement immediately.

I’m absolutely sure of it.

“OK, wait just a second,” you’re probably thinking. “You don’t know my handicap, my swing speed, or anything else about my golf game. How can you be so certain?”

Good question.

The answer:

Because what I’m about to show you can help ANY golfer, no matter their strength, skill level or age… can launch long-range approach shots that:

  • Get up quickly off the turf (no need to worry about just getting the ball airborne)
  • Carry much higher than your mid-irons, hybrids or fairway woods (so you’ll fly hazards instead of trying to bounce the ball around them)
  • Drop sharply and stop in a hurry (for more greens in regulation and less reliance on your short game)
  • Seek the target with uncanny accuracy (even when you don’t catch the ball flush) AND…
  • Do all of this with more consistency than you ever thought possible (turning a terminal weakness into a surprising strength – and a big advantage over your peers)

Now, I’ve already told you this has nothing to do with lessons or instruction. In fact, it takes little to no practice. It’s not a trendy golf-fitness craze, an out-there mental development program or an exotic nutritional supplement, either. By process of elimination, you’ve probably deduced the source of all the excitement:

Yep. It’s a new golf club.

But if you’re thinking you’ve seen every innovation the equipment industry can dream up and tried every Next Big Thing since the days of persimmon…

Well, I’m here to tell you – you’ve never seen a golf club like this:

The All-New MW8 Moon Wood

The First Club that Blends the Best of Mid-Irons, Hybrids and Woods to Help You Do the Impossible – Launch High, Accurate, Green-Holding Shots from Long Distance

MW8 Moon Wood

It’s NOT an ironIt’s NOT a hybridIt’s NOT a fairway wood

It’s a perfect combination of all three.

If it sounds like a random hodge-podge of different clubs, I assure you it’s anything but. There’s a method to the apparent madness.

The group that devised the paradigm-busting MW8 Moon Wood boasts decades of experience in the equipment industry. Team leader Josh Boggs previously crafted clubs for a huge global brand; you’ve seen his handiwork on Golf Digest’s prestigious “Hot List” and in the bags of multi-time major champions. To make a long story short, Josh and Co. saw...

A vacuum in the market that left a gaping hole in your game.

There simply wasn’t a club the Average Joe or Jill could consistently get on or near the green from long range – i.e., the distances where you’d normally hit a mid-iron, hybrid or possibly a fairway wood.

The “why not” isn’t important. The upshot is, my friends took matters into their own talented hands and built a club to fill the void.

Let’s explore how they did it.

Better Swing

The MW8 Moon Wood was engineered to promote a more vertical, 7-iron swing technique thanks its low profile and shorter shaft.

Not just another fairway wood. The MW8's shorter shaft promotes an iron-like swing technique to give you unprecedented control and consistency on approach shots.

MW8 Design Feature #1: Easy-to-control length and ample loft of a mid-iron

Shorter Length

The Moon Wood is shorter than typical fairway woods making it easier to hit and giving you greater consistency and control.

The Moon Wood checks in at 38” long with a loft of 25°, or between a 5- or 6-iron. Many of our test golfers described it as feeling “comfortable” at address. And as you’ve already seen, it showed in their results. (There’s more were those came from, too, in just a moment.)

The length is a key factor in the Moon Wood’s remarkable playability and control. Consider: It’s about an inch shorter than a 4-iron, an inch or two shorter than a 5-hybrid, and a full four inches shorter than a 5-wood.

Tester Bob Manougian immediately noticed the similarity to his favorite club, the 6-iron. “I'll hit the 6-iron and I could do it blindfolded,” he said. “I felt that way with the Moon Wood.”

Now in case you think shorter club = shorter shots, it doesn’t. Here’s why: A shorter shaft makes it much easier to square the clubface and find the sweet spot at impact. And we all know a purely struck shot travels farther than a miss-hit.

To wit: In our tests, the Moon Wood outperformed longer, lower-lofted clubs for carry distance.

Extreme High Launch

The Moon Wood’s high launch angle helps you get the ball up and in the air easily from almost any lie.

OK, so how does a club with the length and loft of a mid-iron fly so much higher and farther? Because it’s got…

MW8 Design Feature #2: Shallow clubface and low center of gravity (COG) of a hybrid

Shallow Club Face

The Moon Wood’s super low profile delivers high launch and extra forgiveness.

Part of what makes hybrids so appealing is their “hittable” look at address. Place the Moon Wood behind your ball and the low-profile look will have you itching to take a rip.

Better yet, you can swing away without fearing a thin shot that flies like a line-drive. Paired with the slender clubface, the Moon Wood’s ultra-low COG – below the ball’s equator and more akin to a hybrid than an iron – produces an amazingly quick launch and high flight… even when you catch it thin.

And the shots you hit flush? They’ll fly even higher than the Moon Wood’s loft suggests. In fact, TrackMan expert Rob Rashell likened test golfers’ trajectories to what you’d normally see with a 7-iron.

Hmmm… If the Moon Wood has iron and hybrid-like qualities, what makes it superior to both? Glad you asked. It’s more forgiving because we gave it…

MW8 Design Feature #3: Wide sole and high moment of inertia (MOI) of a fairway wood

SuperGlyde Sole

The Moon Wood’s flat sole glides lower on the turf for high launch and control.

Say this for fairway woods – they’re hard to hit fat. So is the Moon Wood thanks to its SuperGlyde Sole.

Measuring 3.25” from front to back, the extra-wide sole is sleekly curved for minimal resistance – so it glides across the turf for clean contact no matter where the club strikes the ground. A number of testers got surprising distance after hitting behind the ball with the Moon Wood. It was almost as if they hadn’t hit it fat at all.

The Moon Wood also appropriates the fairway wood’s large clubhead for added forgiveness on miss-hits – and a shot of confidence at setup.

To top off their piece de resistance, the designers developed:

MW8 Design Feature #4: Unique, space program-inspired crown and white-hot, stainless steel clubface

Stainless Steel Clubface

The Moon Wood’s stunning design gives you superior confidence at address.

By “scooping” excess material from the top of the clubhead, they effectively moved the Moon Wood’s COG even lower while reducing drag to boost clubhead speed. The clubhead also “flexes” more than a traditional club to generate greater ball speed off the face. (Translation: extra distance.)

The team tied it all together with a powerful, perfectly matched graphite shaft (available in four flex options) and voila! The MW8 Moon Wood was born.

For golfers struggling to reach the green from faraway spots, it’s been a long time coming.

But would it prove worth the wait? There was only one way to find out if the Moon Wood concept would cut it in the real world. It had to produce for real golfers.

The 16 “guinea pigs” gathered at Scottsdale’s Terravita Golf and Country Club, bringing their own sticks to gauge results against a newfangled club they’d never seen.

You’ve already met some of the gang. I’ve shared a handful of eye-popping stats. Well, I hope you’re ready for some more – I’ve got tons of ‘em. And these numbers leave no doubt about the Moon Wood’s superiority.

First, I’ll explain how the tests were conducted:

  • Each golfer started by hitting the longest club he or she normally used for approach shots. For some that was a 4-iron, while others hit a 5-iron; a handful tried their hybrids.
  • Next, the golfer switched to the 25° Moon Wood for a series of shots. We varied the lies, from tight to scruffy, while several actually hit the Moon Wood out of divots.
  • TrackMan guru Rob Rashell collected relevant data for every shot, including launch angle, carry distance, maximum height and landing angle (the steeper the better).

A simple side-by-side comparison revealed the undeniable truth:

The Moon Wood beat these golfers’ traditional clubs for maximum height, carry distance & landing angle.

In many cases, it wasn’t even close. Check out these jaw-dropping examples:

  • Danielle Miller, 23 handicap: Tested against her 25° hybrid, the Moon Wood delivered an extra 22.5 yards of carry, a 21% gain in height and a 20% steeper landing angle.

    Danielle hit 10 shots with the Moon Wood, but she knew it was different after one swing. “Oh my gosh!” she exclaimed a split-second after impact. “I was not expecting that! That was awesome.”

  • Frank Smith, 5 handicap: The 74-year-old showed off his skills with some solid 5-iron shots. But his results with the Moon Wood blew those away, flying 41.4% higher, carrying 15.8 yards farther and landing at a 22.4% steeper angle. He also stuck 6 of 9 Moon Woods within 20 feet of the target line.

    “(The Moon Wood) would allow me to swing a little freer,” Frank said, “and not guide the ball like I find myself doing now with some of my irons.”

  • Dave Postle, 20 handicap: In a nutshell, the Moon Wood flat-out dusted Dave’s 4-hybrid, carrying 35% higher and 5.3 yards farther while touching down 21% more sharply. He peppered the target, too, putting 6 of 10 within 26 feet of his line.

    “Higher and longer, and closer to the pin,” Dave grinned. “Kind of what I'm after here.”

  • Mike Dondaville, 9.7 handicap: The 67-year-old added 25.5 yards to his average carry distance by hitting the ball 42% higher with the Moon Wood than with his 5-iron.

    Mike was duly impressed. “This was almost too easy,” he said.

  • John Ough, 7.4 handicap: How would you like a club that lofts the ball nearly twice as high and flies 38.7 yards farther than your 4-iron? That’s exactly what the Moon Wood did for John.

    Oh, as he also noted, “it went dead straight.”

Once all 16 golfers had finished the drill, we tallied the totals based on each player’s averages with the Moon Wood vs. his or her own club.

Guess What? The Moon Wood swept every major category:

  • Launch Angle – 79% of test golfers higher with Moon Wood
  • Maximum Height – 88% of test golfers higher with Moon Wood
  • Carry Distance – 75% of test golfers longer with Moon Wood
  • Landing Angle – 81% of test golfers steeper with Moon Wood

If we had kept track of Wows and Whoas and Holy Bleeps, the Moon Wood would’ve won that by a mile, too. Finally, we asked the golfers for a few thoughts on the Moon Wood. We got an earful.

Here’s What Real Golfers Had to Say About the Brand-New MW8 Moon Wood

Bob Manougian

No maneuvering, just drop and stop

“The biggest advantage I see with the Moon Wood is the fact that you can carry the ball higher, carry it out the distance that I wanted to get with my 4-iron, but now rather than trying to maneuver my way around traps or around hazards and try to control the roll-up distance on it, I can fly directly to my target and ideally just drop and stop. I just absolutely loved it.”
Bob Manougian [14 handicap]
Brad Schmidt

It just felt so comfortable

“The biggest struggle in my golf game is the 4- and 5-iron. It's not consistent and it does not get up in the air. The first time that I hit the Moon Wood, it was just like night and day. It just felt so comfortable hitting it. Everything about the club felt good to me.”
Brad Schmidt [6.4 handicap]
Danielle Miller

Effortless & consistent, right off the bat

“I was shocked (when first hitting the Moon Wood). It felt so effortless. I never feel confident over my hybrids in the fairway because they are very inconsistent. But with this Moon Wood I seemed to hit that consistent time after time. It was very easy to get used to and use. There was no learning curve. This is gonna be my new favorite club in my bag for sure.”
Danielle Miller [23 handicap]
George Stelmach

Moon Wood will take stress off short game

“The Moon Wood, when I first tried it, I didn't know exactly what to think. But the first time I swung the club, it actually was easy to hit through it was like the club was propelling itself. It seemed like every time I swung the club, I'd get a straight trajectory. The Moon Wood is gonna make me a lot better golfer because the short game won't have as much stress on it.”
George Stelmach [14.8 handicap]
John Iannarelli

Killer consistency from 180 yards

“With the Moon Wood I had a lot more consistency, a lot more loft than I'm normally used to. The weight on the Moon Wood is a lot different. It allows gravity to come down so you don't have to over muscle the shot. It's extremely valuable, especially with my handicap at 17, to have more consistency at 180 yards.”
John Iannarelli [17 handicap]
Marv Stammen

Most accurate club I’ve ever hit

“(Rob Rashell) told me about the (TrackMan) numbers and he made reference to the fact that my consistency was as good as a tour pro. Nobody's ever told me that before. (The Moon Wood) performed much better than I expected from the get-go. I mean from the first shot, it was unbelievable. I've never hit a club that's as accurate as this club was.”
Marv Stammen [11.3 handicap]
Mike Dondaville

Played 50 years, never hit a club like this

“I started off with ball on the tee, effortlessly it went straight, deep, and long. Put it on the grass, same result, so then I threw it down in a divot and went down after it, same result. The Moon Wood is a good name for it because it gets high, you're not worm-burning anything. I've been playing golf for over 50 years, and it just surprised me, just absolutely surprised me.”
Mike Dondaville [9.7 handicap]
Paul Donovan

A go-to club from long range

“(The Moon Wood) really went through the turf very easily, not a lot of effort. I was very impressed with the height of it, and it's easy to swing. After about three or four shots, I really felt confident that, boy, I'll tell ya, this is the club for me in the future. It could be a go-to club from say 155 to maybe 190.”
Paul Donovan [7.1 handicap]
John Ough

No “scrubbers” with this club

“My biggest miss with my 4-iron is definitely the low shot, the ‘scrubber.’ Even when I hit (the Moon Wood) out of a semi-divot, it still climbed up nicely. The height makes a big difference. The par 3s where you’ve got to carry it on to keep it on… it would definitely be an advantage. The Moon Wood was definitely easier to hit than my hybrid or my 4-iron.”
John Ough [7.4 handicap]

Think these were some happy folks? I’d say they were over the moon. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) You will be, too – if you replace that under-performing iron or hybrid with the incredible MW8 Moon Wood.

In fact, I want to give you the opportunity to do that right now. If you’re ready to:

  • Lick your chops (rather than quake in fear) as you prep for a daunting approach…
  • Feel a surge of confidence (instead of self-doubt) when taking that last waggle…
  • Relish the thrill of pure contact
  • Savor the sight of your ball clearing every hazard
  • And taste sweet satisfaction as it settles on the green…
  • Time after time and round after round…

Then I’ll make it as easy as possible. Just click the button below to get started today:

OK, so there must be a reason you stuck around. I’m gonna guess you’ve still got questions about the Moon Wood. This next section should clear up any concerns or confusion.

MW8 Moon Wood FAQs

Q: Which club is the MW8 Moon Wood designed to replace?

A: I can’t say specifically because set makeup varies from golfer to golfer. Most of our testers got distance similar to a 4-iron or 4-hybrid. (Pretty impressive, considering the Moon Wood has 3° – 4° more loft than those clubs.)

Here’s another way to look at it: If you substitute the Moon Wood for the longest club you regularly use for approaches and tee shots on par 3s, you’ll get a higher launch, longer carry, softer landing and much, much greater consistency than you’ve been settling for.

Q: Does the Moon Wood work off a tee?

A: Like a charm, my friend. The Moon Wood is not just perfect for par 3s, you may also use it to find the fairway on tight par 4s and par 5s. Speaking of par 5s, the Moon Wood is ideal for precision-placed layups.

Q: How does it perform from the rough?

A: Let’s put it this way: The Moon Wood will be your go-to club for escaping the thick stuff.

The shaft length puts you closer to the ball than most hybrids or fairway woods, allowing you to attack with a downward blow. The SuperGlyde Sole slips through rough with ease, never grabbing like an iron. And with the Moon Wood’s ample loft and extra-low COG, you’ll have no trouble getting it up and out of tall grass.

By the way – the above features make the Moon Wood your best option when you’re stuck in a divot.

Q: My hybrid is very versatile – I use it for trouble shots and even the occasional chip. How does the Moon Wood compare?

A: If you like the versatility of a hybrid, you’ll absolutely LOVE the Moon Wood’s capabilities. Not only can it pull off the shots you mentioned, it’s even easier to use than a hybrid because of its shorter length and wider sole.

I have a hunch it’ll become your go-to club for all sorts of situations.

Q: My clubhead speed has gotten slower over the years. Can I really get the Moon Wood airborne with decent carry?

A: You bet – that’s exactly why we built it.

As you may or may not realize, golf’s big equipment makers design most of their clubs for pros. As in, the guys with Mach 1 swing speeds and a magician’s hand-eye coordination.

The Moon Wood, on the other hand, was expressly designed for amateur golfers – folks whose slower swings are, well, less than perfect.

With this in mind, the engineering team knew a shorter shaft would be a key ingredient. The Moon Wood feels so comfortable at address and so controllable during the swing – and delivers such head-turning height and distance – you’ll wonder why more clubs aren’t built this way.

Q: I’ve never seen a club quite like the Moon Wood. How do I know it’s not just a gimmick?

A: Yeah, I understand why you might think that. It looks pretty unusual (and pretty darn cool, if you ask me).

But rest assured, the Moon Wood was crafted by a team of pros. I told you about lead designer Josh Boggs’ impressive credentials, and his cohorts boast some noteworthy credits of their own.

These guys didn’t cut corners on quality, either. Each Moon Wood is manufactured to exacting standards using the highest grade materials.

Q: Is the Moon Wood strictly for higher-handicap golfers?

A: The designers built it with them in mind. But as you’ve seen, our testers included several single-digits – and they flat-out loved it.

Brad Schmidt, a 6.4, didn’t hesitate when asked if he’d put the Moon Wood in his bag. “The first hit sold me,” he said.

Q: Does the Moon Wood conform to USGA rules?

A: Yes, it’s 100% conforming and can be used for any round of golf, including tournaments.

Q: Do any tour pros play the Moon Wood?

A: No, and they never will (unless they decide to do so on their own) because we won’t pay them to. The Moon Wood is made for amateurs, after all, and we prefer to keep overhead low and pass the savings on to you.

Q: Does it come with any extras?

A: As a matter of fact, it does. Purchasers will receive access to a series of exclusive videos, featuring yours truly demonstrating the numerous things you can do with the Moon Wood – including greenside chips and fairway bunker shots – and other ways to get the most from your new weapon.

You’ll also receive a super-stylish headcover to keep your Moon Wood in pristine condition.

Q: What if I buy a Moon Wood and it doesn’t perform to my liking?

A: Since you don’t get a chance to hit it before purchasing, we feel it’s only fair to include an iron-clad promise with every Moon Wood. Here are the details:

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Hit the MW8 Moon Wood All You Want, Return It If Your Approach Game Doesn’t Take a Giant Leap Forward

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Yet another feature that separates the Moon Wood from equipment cranked out by the Big Boys. (Typically, their “guarantees” are only good if you return a club without hitting it.)

We want you to rush to the range or course the second your order arrives. We want you to try your Moon Wood from every possible lie, hit every conceivable shot of any shape you can dream up.

We want you to love it – and we’re absolutely certain you will.

But if the Moon Wood doesn’t consistently deliver higher, straighter, softer-landing approach shots than the club you replace with it… or falls short of your expectations for any reason under the sun… we want you to send it back for a full refund (minus shipping & handling).

Now, add this guarantee to the Moon Wood’s plethora of game-boosting benefits compared to your current irons, hybrids or fairway woods:

  1. Superior ball-striking consistency (and the confidence that comes with it)
  2. Higher launch from the turf (no more worm-burners from the fairway)
  3. Longer carry distance (fly it over hazards instead of around or into them)
  4. Softer landing on greens (stop and hold ‘em rather than bounding into trouble)
  5. Greater accuracy (so you can take dead aim)
  6. More forgiveness (as in better results) on miss-hits
  7. Few (if any) fat shots
  8. Reliable results from any lie (quit fretting over thick rough, hardpan or even divots)
  9. Stellar performance on longer par 3s (ignore the obstacles and fire at the flag)
  10. Pinpoint layups on par 5s (position yourself for easy pars… and thrilling birdies)

Then toss in:

  • Our design team’s impressive pedigree
  • The Moon Wood’s top-shelf construction
  • Plus those amazing, TrackMan-verified results and rave reviews from real golfers

And you might think this innovative club costs a pretty penny.

In all honesty? It probably should.

But guess what? It doesn’t.

Especially when you compare it to made-for-pros clubs that run upwards of 300 bucks, but don’t do a thing to help your game.

It’s an even better deal when you take advantage of this special introductory offer – which will end as soon as we ship the final Moon Wood from our initial stock.

At just $179 each – or $50 off the regular price – they’ll be gone in a flash.

Your struggles on long approaches will be history, too, the moment you get your hands on a MW8 Moon Wood. The countdown begins now…

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Which Shaft Flex Do I Need?

You can use either your average clubhead speed or average driving distance to decide which flex is right for you.

Average Clubhead Speed Average Driving Distance
Stiff 90 MPH 250+ yards
Regular 80-90 MPH 200 - 240 yards
Senior 70-80 MPH 175 - 200 yards
Senior Plus < 70 MPH < 175 yards

60-Day money back guarantee

Questions / Order By Phone

If you have a question about the MW8 Moon Wood or if you’d like to order by phone, call our friendly customer service team at 888.241.2460 (Monday – Friday, 9:00 am-5:00pm CT). You can also send an email to [email protected].

“The Moon Wood is good-looking. I mean the cosmetics of it are great, which is kind of important. It's shorter, it just looks compact. Looks strong.”
Dave Postle [20 handicap]
“I hit some Moon Woods off a tight lie and a grassy lie, and the ball performed very well coming off both shots. It just felt good the first time I put it in my hands.”
Frank Smith [5.1 handicap]
“The Moon Wood is definitely, definitely more forgiving than a miss-hit iron. The Moon Wood definitely gives you a higher launch, very consistent. And the feel of it is very nice. It's a very solid feel.”
Patrick Lott [7 handicap]
“With my 4-iron, it's always a mental struggle. I'm always thinking about not screwing up as opposed to hitting it properly. With the Moon Wood, right away I felt very comfortable. Even when I screwed up, it was something that was going to be imminently playable.”
Bob Manougian [14 handicap]
“The Moon Wood was very forgiving. I was hitting some fat shots and I barely felt it, and it still went 30 yards farther than my hybrid.”
Danielle Miller [23 handicap]
“The look of it made me feel like I could get the ball up in the air. And in fact, I did. I was very consistent with it and it just made me feel after I hit it a few times that it was gonna be airborne and long distance.”
George Stelmach [14.8 handicap]
“This club was much easier to get in the air (than my 5-iron). I'm not sure why, I don't know the technology; but you know what? I don't care about the technology, I care about results, and the results were certainly there. I don't have any club in the bag that I could hit that distance with that kind of elevation.”
Marv Stammen [11.3 handicap]
“With the Moon Wood, my dispersion was so tight. I tried to swing a little harder, swing a little easier, usually I'll pull one here, blow one by there, and these were all right where I could play them. My bad shots were pretty darn good.”
Mike Dondaville [9.7 handicap]