Long Game

GX-7 X-Metal

A14 Driver

X59 Driver

The GX-7 delivers the average distance of a high-performance driver & the accuracy of a fairway wood… all using your 7-iron swing. Build to be easy to hit and for extreme accuracy off the tee, the GX-7 helps you find the the center of the fairway more often.

Designed with anti-rotation technology, the A14 Driver was built to help you stay square through the impact zone longer for purer contact and longer tee shots. It’s consistent and confidence boosting with player-friendly lengh, loft and lie angle.

The X59 is the ultimate driver for golfers who struggle with wild slices and hooks. It was designed with a draw bias and loaded with design features to help you line up on target, take it back on plane, and control the club on its path to the ball.


iRT-5 Hybrid

MW8 Moon Wood

Vixa V12

Five gently curved rails on the iRT-5’s sole self-correct the clubhead on impact with the turf to square the face for impact. You get more distance, straighter ball flight, and higher trajectory on pure strikes and miss-hits too.

With its shorter shaft, low-profile clubface & extra-wide sole, the Moon Wood is engineered to help you launch green-holding shots from long range. The MW8 blends the best of mid-irons, hybrids and woods like no other club to give you unprecedented control and consistency on approach shots.

The Vixa V12 is a a low-profile fairway metal that’s a rocket off the turf. Now you can launch it high, long and ridiculously straight from off the turf. The V12 is a genuine go-to club for golf’s longest, most frightening shots.

Short Game

C3i Wedge

Square Strike Wedge

FP4 Forward Press Wedge

Featured in Golf Digest and MyGolfSpy, the C3i is the ultimate sand wedge. It looks like a classic, conventional wedge at address, and feels and sounds like one on contact, but it is packed with design features that make it easy to pop the ball high and close to the pin. The secret is in the sole, which glides through with no effort so you make solid contact from all types of lies.

The Square Strike Wedge’s putter-like design allows for a straight-back-straight-through swing that makes your pitch and chip shot so much easier and more accurate. It’s easier to control than a regular wedge or iron. It practically impossible to hit fat. And it prevents rotating so the clubface stays square to the target through impact.

The FP4 is the first wedge of its kind that was designed with the perfect impact position is built right in. Set up to your wedge shots with the same “hands ahead” technique as the pros without even thinking about it. The FP4 is incredibly easy to use and impressively accurate.

S7k Stand Up Putter

The S7k Putter stands up on its own so you can set it down, step back, and line up your putts precisely while looking directly down the line. It stands and stays square (even on slopes) and delivers superior balance, feel and roll so you can drain putts from all over the green.