Designing clubs for “regular” golfers since 2015

You’ve seen the clubs. You’ve seen the commercials. But do you know the story?


It all started with a simple question:

Why do most golfers, even those who play for years, struggle to lower their handicaps and scores?

Besides the obvious answers like ,“They don’t have extra time for practice or lessons,” one answer stood out like a sore thumb:

Their equipment options are really limited.

Oh sure, there’s a plethora of clubs on the market. It’s just that most of those clubs have a major flaw. A flaw you unwittingly pay for in extra strokes.

That flaw is this: Major manufacturers all design their clubs with their PGA and LPGA brand ambassadors in mind.

And it makes sense why: They’re paying these players to carry their clubs, so they need to make sure those clubs work for the pros.

Which doesn’t sound so bad, right?


It’s great for touring pros, but really terrible for you.

Why? Because clubs engineered for professional golfers are built to perform:

  • At swing speeds well over 100 MPH…
  • With precision-tuned timing..
  • With ball-first, dead-center contact…
  • For golfers with complete mastery of ball flight and the ability to shape shots on demand


Bottom line: You end up with clubs that are built for highly-skilled pros but sold to everyday golfers.

When was the last time you blasted a 350-yard drive? Or faced down a wicked dogleg with 100% confidence you could curve the ball around the corner? Or ended up against the high lip of a bunker and got out and close on your first try?

And yet your only options are clubs that are made for golfers who can, and DO, achieve these things like there’s nothing to it.

Now, we know what you’re thinking; we hear it all the time:

“It’s the archer; not the arrow.”

Well respectfully – knowing what we know about how the major brands engineer their clubs – we couldn’t disagree more.

And we decided to do something about it.

Someone needed to finally build clubs for the “regular golfer.” For the men and women who play because they love the game, who don’t have a lot of time to practice, and who just want to have fun and look decent – not like complete hackers – in front of their buddies.

Maybe you only get in a few rounds a month. Maybe you’ve slowed down and lost some distance or coordination with age. Maybe you were never as good as you wanted to be because, let’s face it, golf is ridiculously hard and it demands a lot to master.

You love the game as much as anyone, so what about you?

With that, our mission became crystal clear:

To create the ultimate lineup of clubs that work for – not against – mid- to high-handicappers’ swings.

We’re talking about…

… Clubs with specific design elements that give you extra carry and extra rollout, even at slower swing speeds…

… Clubs for golfers who will NOT hit the sweet spot 90% of the time, but hit a little of the heel or toe, or catch it fat or thin instead…

… Clubs engineered to do the work for you on tricky shots (like hitting a flop shot without needing to master advanced techniques, for example).

And of course, we wanted these clubs to be legal for tournament play, meaning they needed to conform to the rules of golf.

Over the years we’ve worked with crack teams of club designers and engineers who’ve all brought a special eye to their projects. One of these engineers even came from the upper echelon of club manufacturers. He worked with tour pros to create the perfect set make up and even landed clubs on the Golf Digest Hot List. (Contractually we can’t name names, but you’d know the brand in an instant.)

With all this “insider knowledge,” we’ve been uniquely poised to reverse engineer our clubs away from what works for professionals and create what works best for YOU instead.

We beam from ear to ear every time we receive a customer comment along the lines of, “I shot 5 strokes lower today, and have your club to thank for it.”  Because that’s exactly what we set out to help you do.

You deserve clubs that work perfectly with your imperfect swing.

Clubs that don’t require the same knowledge, skill level or technical precision that the “built for pros” clubs demand. Clubs that PUT YOUR GAME ON AUTOPILOT so you play better, look better, and have more fun.

With that, Autopilot Golf was born, and we haven’t looked back.

Check out our line up of clubs to see how each was uniquely designed to give you more distance, greater control and accuracy, lower scores, and a lot more fun. Because for us, at the end of the day, that’s what golf is all about.